Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Donor Retention and Gratitude

Increase Donor Retention So They Keep Coming Back

Do Donor Retention Right There are ways to increase your fundraising effectiveness while saving time and money. We suggest focusing on donors who have already shown interest in your nonprofit, your current ambassadors are far more valuable than someone new – although new donors are always welcome. Here are some tactics for increasing ongoing donations and… Read More »

The Perfect Amount of Email Content

Write an email with the perfect amount of content.   People are on email overload; however, it is still arguably one of the most effective means of solicitation (right along with those handwritten letters). Understanding how much content to add into one email helps you to:   Produce results Maintain an effective email strategy Get your… Read More »

Beyonce Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé

Fundraising Tips Inspired by Beyoncé Rock Your Signature Move.  Every non-profit organization has its strengths and weaknesses. Like Beyoncé’s signature dance moves inspire her audience, knowing your “signature move” is essential to great fundraising. What makes your organization stand out and attract supporters? What do you have that nobody else does? Maybe you’re an animal shelter… Read More »

5 Ways Schools Can Keep Summer Engagement High

5 Ways Schools Can Stay Engaged Over the Summer Alumni and parents that give generously to schools don’t simply appear overnight. A positive, giving relationship with parents and alumni is an ongoing one, that begins before a student even enters your school, and it’s never-ending. Building that relationship starts with ongoing engagement, and one of… Read More »

Winspire Procurement

Step Up Your Item Procurement Part 2: Experiences of a Lifetime

Step Up Your Item Procurement with Quality Items Recently, here at the Greater Giving blog, we received a question from a reader. “Hi! We’re clients of Greater Giving and were just reading your article about ‘Best Practices for Mobile Bidding,’ and we wanted to know more about these ‘quality items that guests will be willing… Read More »

nonprofit software buyerview

Nonprofit Software Report: Nonprofits Turn to Software in 2015

We sat down with Janna Finch, a nonprofit market researcher and contributor to this year’s Nonprofit Software Report, published by Software Advice. Each year, Software Advice talks with thousands of nonprofit managers looking for the right software for their organizations, providing unmatched insight into the needs of software buyers. They recently analyzed a random selection of 200… Read More »

Instagram for Nonprofits

Instagram For Nonprofits: 3 Tips For Getting Started

(Image: Photo by @jaredwhitney | Taken for the “Stand With Me” campaign aimed at ending child slavery – see Instagram For Nonprofits Instagram is an incredibly powerful way to reach your target audience in a personal and creative way while maximizing your potential to reach large groups. Here is everything you need to know to start… Read More »