The Efficiency and Security Benefits Found in Event Management Software

Event planners typically name efficiency and security as the top features they require when deciding whether or not to include a software program in their event management toolbox.

With the goal of attendee satisfaction at top of mind, splurging on an event management software program may seem like an unnecessary luxury that benefits only the planner. However, once you dig into what a software program can do, you’ll see that the benefits spill over into every aspect of event planning, from management, to vendors, and, yes!–the attendees, too!

Here’s what a good non-profit, fundraising event software program should do for you.

Smooth and consistent workflows throughout planning and execution

Create seamless planning and execution, from start to finish with an all-inclusive event planning software. Move from one task to another with confidence, knowing that you have all the details in front of you and all the key people involved are seeing the same information. With all the data located in one program, you’ll be assured you have the most recently updated information whenever and wherever you need it. This is particularly useful at check-in and check-out where missing or inaccurate information can quickly cause confusion and back up the lines.

Efficient data management tools

  Efficiency is a leg up at an event. Explore other ways to improve event set up and impress your guests upon arrival with “5 Keys to Efficient Event Setup,” a webinar with Siri Lippy, Senior Professional Event Services Manager for Greater Giving.

Nobody has to tell an event planner how many details go into a fundraising event! Large or small; those details get the event going and give it a unique character. And, if one of those details goes wrong it could change your entire plan on a moment’s notice. Having a software program in place that gives you oversight into every nook and cranny of your plan will put your mind at ease and help you spot problems before they become an issue.

Consolidate teams, avoid confusion

Getting your event off the ground and running is the job of your dedicated team members and trusty volunteers. Help them in their jobs with a team management tool that will provide them with a clear understanding of the tasks ahead and what goals you want to reach. Assign specific tasks to key people and keep the lines of communication open through an easily accessed data system that your team can check at any time to find out where they can go with questions.

Controlling access to information

Some information is meant for everyone, while other information is best left to high-level team members. Look for a software program that offers access controls so you can decide what information is seen by which person. Programs that allows your team to update data immediately and automatically shares it throughout the system will ensure that everyone has the most accurate information available when they need it.

Vender oversight for better management

Keeping track of the details you’ve arranged with your vendors and what they need from you is a task unto itself. Without proper oversight, you may miss key elements of their contributions to your overall plan. With a software program that provides instant access to every aspect of the job, everyone will stay on task.

Lower costs without compromising program activities

It’s always important to get the most out of your budget and keep costs down wherever you can. One of the best tools to help you do that is an event software program that provides you a broad view of every activity you’re planning. Dive into every aspect of your plan for food and beverages, activities, venue, technology, and everything else you have planned to see where you can save or where you want to get the most bang for your buck.

More focused event marketing

Event software isn’t only about planning and record keeping. Tools to help you marketing efforts can be found throughout a good program. Dive into an automatically updated database to find groups of people to target with specially designed marketing campaigns that will grab their attention. Send personal invites to major donors, email one-time donors to let them know there is another opportunity to give, and follow-up the event with a phone campaign to deliver a personal thank all call to all the donors who gave.

Secure record keeping

Did you know that security features can increase your fundraising? Donors are more likely to give when they know their transactions are safe. Using a software program that comes with good security features will add another layer of protection and encourage more giving. Making donating an easy process for your community through online giving can also boost your yearly fundraising totals.

Online communication with attendees

A new and invaluable communication tool is at your fingertips when you are using an event software program that has the ability to send mass emails and texts to your guests throughout the event lifecycle. Provide updates and news prior to, during, and after the event. Send out alerts for your next fundraising activity to make sure nobody misses out on a chance to give.

Multiple bidding options

Increase the opportunities for your guests to give with quick and easy ways to donate. Online bidding offers many opportunities to give prior to and at the event, and raises the excitement level with outbid notices. At the event, you can automatically track all the gifts collected in one record, which makes check-out a breeze.

Tracking your event’s success

It’s important to review the success and challenges you’ve experienced so you can improve on your plan the following year. Create reports using data gathered at the event to get answers to questions that will help you improve upon your work. Find out which activities were most profitable and what program events your guests enjoyed most.

Personal connections with donors

Staying in touch with your donors after the event is easy with the updated information you’ve already collected at check in and check out. Create email, calling, and posted mail campaigns to keep them up-to-date on when they can give again.

A good event software program, with efficiency and security features, will bring all your planning details together and benefit your team, vendors, and especially your donors.

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