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Share4Schools with people

Mobilize, Rejuvenate or Resuscitate Your Social Networks

This post is part of our #Share4Schools social sweepstakes series, designed to help schools engage supporters in social circles to promote fundraising—and possibly win cash prizes. While some of these articles reference #Share4Schools, the concepts are universal. Sharing Your Fundraising “Asks” on Social Media Social media is often a polarizing subject that can be largely… Read More »

PCI Compliance for Nonprofits

[INFOGRAPHIC] An Introduction to PCI Compliance

We know that protecting your donors’ private information and financial transactions are a top priority for you and your organization. Based on the Greater Giving presentation of “Super-Boring, Crazy-Important: PCI and Protecting Your Donors’ Data” at NTC 2016, we have created a downloadable guide—PCI Compliance: Safeguarding Your Donors’ Private Information—that will help nonprofits understand PCI… Read More »

Auction Item Infographic Thumbnail

What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items [INFOGRAPIC]

There are many questions when it comes to soliciting and packaging auction items—what should we solicit, how many do we need, are there packages that perform better than others, where do I find quality items… We cover all these questions and more in the “What Everyone Should Know About Auction Items” infographic along with some… Read More »

Nonprofit Organization Halloween Opportunities

Halloween… What used to be a cute kid’s holiday has now turned into an extravaganza of costumes, parties and celebrations of all kinds. Some nonprofits may be looking to harness this energy and build awareness for their cause. Here are 10 reasons nonprofits are hosting Halloween-themed fundraisers. Certainly you and your staff can dress up… Read More »

Key Performance Indicators - KPI

Google Analytics for Nonprofits – Website Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In our previous post, “Google Analytics for Nonprofits—Getting Started”, we talked about configuring your website for Google Analytics reporting along with some initial concepts of analyzing your new data. As you begin to navigate Google Analytics (GA) and see what it can do, you’ll find that there are upwards of 100 reports available—without adding any… Read More »

Nonprofit Compliance

4 Things You Need to Know About Online Fundraising Compliance

Fundraising compliance is a complex topic. Forty-four states have laws concerning fundraising, and forty-one states require charities to register to solicit donations. There are straightforward rules for nonprofits soliciting funds through traditional methods such as phone calls, mailings, and grants. However, online fundraising is a little more tricky. The advent of social media, email, mobile… Read More »

Web Buttons That Get Clicked

Creating Web Buttons That Get Clicked

You have several buttons on your website that are key to your fundraising activities and general fulfillment of the organizational mission. Donations, registration, volunteering, surveys—Here are a few tips on creating buttons that will get more clicks. Current Brand Styles Your brand standards and guidelines are an important part of the user experience. Building trust… Read More »

Top 10 Posts of 2016 - The First Four Months

Top 10 Posts of 2016 – The First Four Months

In reviewing activity over the first four months of 2016, we’ve covered a lot of ground in the Fundraising Resource Library. We have explored many different topics including a “Writing For Nonprofits” series, DIY, Golf, increasing bids, donor data, sponsorships, and crossing the analog / digital divide. In case you had inadvertently missed anything, we… Read More »

Facebook Donate Now Call-to-Action Button

Converting Facebook Visitors to Digital Donors

Social networks are a great way to share your mission, communicate with supporters, and connect with new digital donors. Whether you are sharing stories of the good work being done or posting images of those that benefit and volunteer—you are creating emotional connections with potential donors. Are you making the most of that opportunity? As… Read More »