The Must Have Auction Event Day Survival Kit [INFOGRAPHIC]

Auction Event Survival Kit

This Auction Event Day Survival Kit was designed to help circumvent Murphy’s Law.

With so many moving parts, fundraising events have a high probability of unforeseen situations happening during the most inopportune of times—disrupting the smooth flow of your big day or night. This auction event day survival kit and checklist will help make sure you are prepared for anything. By stocking up on the items on this list, you’ll have batteries for the projector remote; a charging station so guests with a low phone battery can continue mobile bidding; tape to hang a sign or ensure no one trips over cords; and an all-in-one tool just in case.

Your Auction Event Day Survival Kit in a clear tote or two may just contain the item that will save your next event. Best case scenario, you don’t have to open it. Worst case, you are prepared!


The Must Have Auction Event Night Survival Kit



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