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Wireless Network

Help! My Venue Doesn’t Provide Internet Access

An internet connection at your event may be a vital part of your success, whether you use it to check guests in or if guests are using it to place bids—however, just having an internet connection might not always be enough. Your venue’s internet connection might not always be adequate for your event needs, so… Read More »


How I Fundraise: Making Headway Foundation

We spoke with Catherine Lepone, the Executive Director for the Making Headway Foundation about her fundraising endeavors. The Making Headway Foundation, established in 1996, provides families with care, comfort, and a cure for children with brain or spinal cord tumors. The organization does multiple fundraising events every year using Greater Giving, including walk-a-thons, peer-to-peer, golf tournaments,… Read More »

Go Time Credit Card Swipe with Mobile Card Reader

Greater Giving Auctionpay Streamlines Check-in and Check-out

How Greater Giving Auctionpay Streamlines Your Auction’s Check-out Long check-out lines with manual credit card processing spoil auctions. Auctionpay terminals, card readers, and mobile card readers streamline the cashiering process at benefit events. Whether you’re holding a gala, auction, luncheon or golf tournament, Auctionpay creates a better event experience for guests, staff, and volunteers. Long… Read More »

How Does Mobile Bidding Work?

Mobile Bidding is a fast growing trend at fundraising auctions and golf events. The feedback from Greater Giving clients has been amazing and organizations are reporting large increases in the total dollars raised during their silent auction, as a result of using mobile bidding. A common question among guests, donors, board members and volunteers is… Read More »

Auction Math

Auction math works for every auction size, makes your planning easier, and reduces auction committee stress. Once you understand what’s required for a successful auction—one that meets or exceeds its revenue goal—it’s simple to set your procurement goals and define your event budget. The first step is to know your revenue goal. Every auction math… Read More »

Webinar-Focusing on What’s Important: The Secret to Maximizing your Benefit Auction

Focusing on What’s Important: The Secret to Maximizing your Benefit Auction Have you ever watched a novice swimmer in a freestyle race?   Her desire to win is tremendous. Hundreds of calories expended. Splashing everywhere!  But she’s not moving very fast through the water.  Meanwhile, the swimmer in the lane next to her doesn’t look like she’s… Read More »

Webinar: Generational Differences at Fundraising Events

Generational Differences at Fundraising Events Fundraising events are changing rapidly, both with technology and the differences between all the generations’ communication styles. Darron will discuss the various generations, their differences and share important tips to consider when planning your fundraising event. Darron will cover: What are the generations? What do the generations value? Communicating with… Read More »

Webinar: The Why of Giving with Raising Paddles

 The Why of Giving SPECIAL GUEST: Dan Campbell of Raising Paddles This session will break down the why in giving….why give anything, why give now, and why give to YOUR organization. Once you understand these principles, you can be more effective in donor development. Learn strategies to analyze giving from your donors, with a… Read More »

What’s New in Fundraising Auctions 2019-Palm Springs, CA

What’s New in Fundraising Auctions 2019 – Your Guide to the latest Tips, Tricks, and Trends Thursday, June 6th, 2019 Presented by Greater Giving & Event Solutions Our two 80 minute sessions will deliver focused content specific to auction fundraising trends – we’ll share data, ideas, best practices and anecdotes from auctions we are fortunate… Read More »