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Greater Giving Blog Highlights of 2017

It’s been a busy year with the Greater Giving Resource Library! Strategies, resources, infographics, success stories, and many more awesome posts have provided insight and inspiration into the world of non-profit fundraising. Below are just some of the most popular posts of 2017. Fundraising Event Tips and Best Practices This year the Greater Giving Resource… Read More »

Include a Centerpiece Auction for a Fundraising Bonus

You may feel like you’ve leveraged every last dollar at your major event fundraiser to make the most money for your organization—but there may be another place you haven’t looked—at the center of the table. How Does it Work? It’s always a great investment to have table centerpieces because that is where your event guests… Read More »

Top 10 Posts of 2016 - The First Four Months

Top 10 Posts of 2016 – The First Four Months

In reviewing activity over the first four months of 2016, we’ve covered a lot of ground in the Fundraising Resource Library. We have explored many different topics including a “Writing For Nonprofits” series, DIY, Golf, increasing bids, donor data, sponsorships, and crossing the analog / digital divide. In case you had inadvertently missed anything, we… Read More »

School Auctions & Fundraising

School Specific Auction Tips School auctions have unique challenges that require creative solutions: tight timelines, an all-volunteer workforce, and often an event team that changes personnel every year. With early planning, smart preparation, and the right tools, you can make your school auction a smashing success! Start Early The school year is already short. Give… Read More »

Mobile Card Reader release notes

Top 5 New Fall Greater Giving Features

Top 5 New Fall Greater Giving Features School is back in session with crisp cool air and football back on TV, which can only mean one thing: fall fundraiser season is upon us. Greater Giving’s team has been working all spring and summer to roll out new features for fall events. The release notes below highlight tools and features that… Read More »

The Hottest Items to Procure for Online Auctions

Online auctions have opened the door to an effective way for nonprofits to fundraise across virtual and real borders. With software tools that can both manage and process the auctions, auction item contributors and sponsors are fairly represented and donors can safely explore and bid on their favorite choices. This is great news when flexibility… Read More »

Non-Profit Collaboration for Added Benefits – Guest Article

In his article “Nonprofits: Do Not Be Afraid to Collaborate With One Another,” Tom Hanley shares his take on collaboration among nonprofits: “When I mention ‘collaboration’ in meetings with other nonprofit directors, I can flip a coin on their reaction: will they cringe in disgust or light up like a light bulb…. The overlying response… Read More »

Promoting Auction Items on Event Night

This information and more comes from our webinar, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Auction Profits. You’ve put a lot of effort into your auction: You’ve procured a select offering of high-quality items, you’ve written stellar descriptions for these auction packages and you’ve pre-promoted your best items ahead of time. Now It’s event night… Read More »

What about Secret Bids?

What is about Secret Bids? Why are they such a secret? What exactly is it? The secret is about to be spilled! Secret Bids is a method of auctioning off packages without being able to see other bids. Once all bids are submitted, the highest bid is determined, and the bid is paid to win the… Read More »