10 Themes, 100 Ideas: The Ultimate Gift Package Wish List

Tempting event guests with exciting silent auction gift packages is a great way to keep them engaged and thrilled to add to your fundraising goals.

The mysterious collection of items and experiences contained inside the package creates a level of buzz that will make your annual silent auction a must-attend event for donors and their friends and family every year. Don’t get stuck in a rut that slows that momentum. Check out these gift package ideas to create memorable prizes for your next auction.


  • Family laser tag or paintball tickets, board games, candy and popcorn
  • A “puppy party” with a professional breeder, pet supplies and gourmet treats
  • Party experience at a pottery studio, bakery, or candy factory and fun supplies to use at home
  • After hours passes to theme parks, indoor playgrounds, or an aquatic center
  • In-house childcare reservations, Twister, and DVDs
  • Catered meal from a popular restaurant, dining accessories, and cloth napkins
  • Reservation for a private screening at a movie theater, and 3D glasses
  • Birthday visit from a live-action character or magician, supplies for simple magic tricks
  • Photoshoot with a professional photographer and picture frames
  • Family portrait or mural commissioned by local artist and a framing gift certificate

Wine & Dine

  • Group tours to local breweries or vineyards, bottled samples, and glasses
  • Collector’s dream of vintage or rare bottles of wine, wine storage racks, and glasses
  • A home visit from a sommelier, wine storage racks, and glasses
  • Remodeling project for wine or beer storage and bottles to get them started
  • Ultimate micro-brew sampler of 100 bottles and glasses
  • Lessons from a home craft brewer and supplies
  • Catered meal delivered to work or home and a gift certificate for a custom-made dessert
  • Afternoon tea service at a local botanical garden, a tea setting, and a gift certificate for fresh flowers
  • Five-course meal at a top restaurant and dessert or drinks at a buzzy local spot
  • Cooking lesson from award-winning local chef and serving utensils


  • Tickets to championship sporting events, transportation, and VIP seating
  • Autographed sports memorabilia and photos
  • Rare collection of baseball cards
  • A visit to a sports broadcaster’s set and an over the top sports jacket to wear
  • Catered tailgate party and team gear
  • Pro lessons of any sports and equipment
  • Racetrack driving experience and driving gloves
  • Passes to golf tournaments and golf cart rental
  • Tee time at a luxury or private golf course and golf balls or food and drink certificates
  • Personal yoga sessions or a trainer at your home, a yoga mat, and other equipment
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Music and Entertainment

  • Tickets to a stage performance and VIP parking
  • Tickets to a live taping of a TV show or popular talk show (i.e. Ellen, Tonight Show, Conan) and related swag
  • Concert tickets with VIP service and a collection of CDs
  • Meet and greet experiences with local or visiting celebrities and autographed photos
  • Tickets to a comedy / improv show and VIP seating
  • Music lessons from a local musician and CDs
  • Vocal lessons and reserved time in a recording studio
  • Red carpet award show passes and a gift certificate for photo processing
  • VIP tickets to ComiCon and a collection of DVDs
  • Ballroom dancing lessons and a bottle of wine

What Everyone Should Know About Auction Packages

Travel and Experiences

  • Visit to an animal sanctuary and a gift certificate for photo processing
  • Lakeside or seaside cabin rental with gear to enjoy the area
  • Timeshare and resort stay and beach towels or gift certificates to area events
  • Helicopter, hot air balloon, or glider ride and aviator glasses and scarf
  • Skiing and snowboarding package and mittens
  • Private cruise on a sailing yacht and a captain’s hat
  • Staycation package and gift certificates to events nearby
  • Airline gift certificate and a trip planner
  • Gas for a year (52 gift cards worth $50 each) and snacks for the trip
  • Pet sitting and boarding and pet toys and supplies


  • Gift certificates for the school supplies, technology, and uniforms
  • A week of limousine rides to and from school and school supplies
  • Visit from a scientist to a class to conduct live experiments for children and a science kit for kids to do at home
  • The opportunity to be the “Principal for a Day” and a mini suit jacket
  • Reserved seating and parking for a graduation ceremony and champagne (or non-alcoholic) champagne to celebrate
  • Reserved seating or box seats at a college football game and team gear
  • Buy a teacher a day off (bidder chooses who gets time off) and school supplies for the class
  • Class party including pizza, games and prizes
  • Art supplies provided to a school
  • Tutoring services, books, and supplies

High-end Goods and Services

  • Top of the line barbeques and supplies
  • Car accessories and detailing kit
  • Snowblower, lawnmower, and lawn accessories
  • Designer handbags, scarfs, and accessories
  • Hand-crafted or high-end jewelry
  • Professionally created art: paintings, sculptures, glass, etc.
  • High-end kitchen appliances (cappuccino maker, KitchenAid mixer, Vitamix) and a cookbook
  • Complete makeover with a local stylist, including makeup and hair
  • Reservations with a personal shopper and gift certificates
  • Consultation with an interior designer and color swatches

Seasonal/Holiday Experiences

  For more ideas on how to get your fundraising guests excited at every event check out the Greater Giving webinar “Power Up Your Auction Revenue Through Create and Strategic Refinement” with Talena Barker, CEO of Mission Limelight. Her experience can help you take a fresh, creative look at your silent auctions.
  • Valentine Day’s roses and chocolate and a catered meal for two
  • Traditional St. Patrick’s Day’s dinner and green swag
  • Prime viewing spot for July 4th fireworks and American flags
  • VIP parking and ride and concert tickets at a state fair
  • A catered traditional Oktoberfest dinner and a basket full of German beer
  • Halloween or Christmas decorating services for your home or office and ornaments
  • Tickets to a New Year’s Eve party and champagne
  • Santa Claus or Easter Bunny visit to your home or work and candy
  • Limo ride to view holiday light displays and the makings for hot chocolate
  • “Twelve Days of Christmas” Goodie Basket; hot chocolate, fudge, cookies, apple cider, fruitcake delivered every one per day to your home

Community Spotlight

  • A historic city tour and dinner with your city’s tourism director and a guidebook
  • Theater tickets and a one-time, walk-on role in a play or taping
  • Fresh flowers delivered by a local florist once a month for one year
  • Year of car maintenance at local garage and car detailing
  • Professional services, like financial advice, copywriting, business adviser
  • Pet sitting and grooming services and supplies
  • Twenty hours of manual labor (landscaping, demolition, etc.) from a local company or community service group
  • Heavy equipment rental and a gift certificate to a hardware store
  • Private, insider tours of local businesses or factories and a sampling of their products
  • Six months of maid service and scented candles


  • VHS to digital / DVD conversion of family movies or photos and popcorn
  • Digital photography and Photoshop lessons with a professional photographer
  • Technology giveaway; laptops, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nook, Apple watch
  • Microsoft Suite lessons with a professional
  • Computer or coding classes from an expert
  • 1 year of subscription services from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or others
  • Professional services to build a “connected” home system
  • Security system installations
  • Video and audio recording and mixing lessons
  • Website development services

Gift Baskets

  • Wine, beer, or distillery sampler with mixing tools and classes
  • Gourmet sweets; chocolates, cupcakes, or sweet treats
  • Pet supplies
  • Baby supplies; highchair, bassinets, diapers, clothes, bath supplies
  • Car emergency kit and car wash kit
  • Beach party basket; picnic basket, sand toys, beach towels, umbrella, sunscreen
  • Camping gifts; tent, sleeping bags, S’mores, compass, gift certificates for hiking boots
  • Gourmet foods and spices; spices, marinades, rubs, cured meats, cheeses, etc.
  • Home spa supplies; candles, bath salts, slippers and a luxurious robe
  • Rainy day fun: Movies, games, goodies, and activities for a day indoors

Can you add to this list? Please submit your package details in the comments below.

What Everyone Should Know About Auction Packages

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