Power Up Your Auction Through Creative and Strategic Refinement with Mission Limelight

What if you could realize substantially more auction revenue by taking a fresh look at the way you approach your procurement strategies, and getting creative about how you leverage your resources?

View this webinar focused on detailed and specific actions you can take now to power up your next event!

In this session, learn how to:

  • Evaluate your past auction results
  • Identify key holes in your auction line up, and what’s currently hot
  • How to approach potential donors with a win-win pitch
  • Make more money with auction packages that used to perform well, but have lost audience interest
  • Thread mission throughout your silent and live auction to inspire more giving

Your Presenter:

Talena Barker, CEO, Mission Limelight

Talena Barker has been working with non-profit organizations on fundraising strategy and events for 15 years, having raised millions of dollars for charities and their world-changing missions. She is passionate about philanthropy and designing tools to make it easier for businesses to give meaningfully and strategically and to lessen the barriers to success and mutual communication across the giving lifecycle for charities and donors alike.

Talena is Founder and CEO of the startup company, Mission Limelight. Mission Limelight provides a suite of solutions that help non-profits raise more money for their cause, and businesses drive greater success by dovetailing their philanthropic and marketing goals and telling the true story of how their giving has a social impact.

Mission Limelight recently launched their first solution online, the Mission Limelight Exchange, which helps non-profits raise more money by exchanging locally-sourced auction packages that fail to excite their local audiences, with other non-profits across the country. This powerful tool revamps fundraising auction lineups to build exponentially greater auction attendance, enthusiasm and fundraising capability.