Top 5 New Fall Greater Giving Features

Mobile Card Reader release notes

Top 5 New Fall Greater Giving Features

School is back in session with crisp cool air and football back on TV, which can only mean one thing: fall fundraiser season is upon us. Greater Giving’s team has been working all spring and summer to roll out new features for fall events. The release notes below highlight tools and features that are available today for you to see and use:


Mobile Card Reader – The highly anticipated roll out of Greater Giving Mobile Card Reader comes at just the right time for fall fundraising events. Working in conjunction with Greater Giving

MCRGo Time, our online event night interface, Mobile Card Reader allows nonprofits to run check-in and check-out with laptops and tablets. The Greater Giving Tablet App is required to use this new tool, available on Apple or Android. The device plugs into the audio port on your tablet, turning your check-out volunteer or staff member into an on-the-go personal shopper. One of the many  values to being mobilized with your check-in is the personalization it gives donors. Volunteers and staff no longer have to stand behind a registration table, because with mobile check-in and check-out they can walk up to a group of bidders and provide a more one-on-one guest experience.

At many Greater Giving events, laptop-based Card Readers and Mobile Card Readers are used at the same time, giving event chairs and volunteers added flexibility to adjust their check-in. Mobile Card Readers can be used at Mobile Bidding and non-Mobile Bidding events.

For clients who want to order Mobile Card Readers, select Mobile Card Reader under Credit Card Device on the Next Event form.Go Time

Storefront – Are you selling raffle tickets, Wall of Wine, or other multi-sale packages at your event? If so, Greater Giving Go Time with Storefront just made things a lot easier for your team. Storefront creates a touch-to-sell interface for your fundraiser’s multi-sale packages. To sell a raffle ticket or bottle of wine, simply click on the pre-loaded images assigned to each item. Need to sell three mulligans to a golfer at your spring golf tournament? Tap the picture three times, then add the purchaser’s bid number or name, and click ‘done’. The easy drag and drop creator allows you to customize the order and setup ofyour Storefront dashboard. Pre-loaded with 45 stock images focused on event multi-sales packages, Storefront lets you choose from what’s already available or upload your own image. Learn more about Storefront and see the “How It Works” video.

Countdown Clock – We’ve all heard the MC or auctioneer over the microphone say, “5 minutes, 5 minutes left to get in your bids” before. Further into the event, it turns into a dramatic “10, 9, 8, 7, 6…” followed by “bids are officially closed”. The reminder announcements create a sense of urgency and drive up bids to raise more funds. The Greater Giving Countdown Clock takes that same idea and streamlines it into a large visual display, which is ideal to project in a ballroom or other place at your event. The Countdown Clock, featuring “HR: Min: Sec,” is tied directly into the official Mobile Bidding time on each guest’s phone. Greater Giving Mobile Bidding features a countdown on each bidder’s phone letting them know how much time is left to get their bids in.

Side note: the Countdown Clock also features Sponsorship logos at the bottom similar to the Greater Giving Leaderboards display, creating another great opportunity to raise more.

Auctionpay SuiteMore Leaderboard Options – For organizations using the Greater Giving Leaderboard feature, a new option was added to turn your leaderboard into a “who won what” tool. Once your packages are sold, the leaderboard can be uploaded into a tool that displays the package winners. Administrators get to choose what shows on the Leaderboard; the name or the bidder number.

Enhanced Dashboard Stats– With all the new tools rolling out from Greater Giving, we wanted to add to the already detailed Dashboard on the home screen. You can now expand the dashboard under Sales and Payments to see revenue by source, type, section and class.

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