Top 6 Ways to Use a Leaderboard to Drive Revenue

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Top 6 Ways to Use a Leaderboard to Drive Revenue

If you are looking for a way to make bidding more exciting; create a sense of urgency; and increase funds raised at your next fundraising auction with mobile bidding, make sure to include leaderboards in your event planning.  Other benefits of using leaderboards include: allowing bidders who don’t have smartphones to check their bidding status on a leaderboard display; and creating new opportunities to recruit and promote sponsors.

Here are 6 best practices and tips for using leaderboards at your event:

  1. To maximize engagement, place leaderboards in key areas where people congregate such as, behind or beside a bar so guests look at the screen while waiting to order a drink. Don’t place screens in areas where guests will not be standing during the silent auction (e.g. only in the ballroom that opens after the silent closes).
  2. Display various pieces of information on the screen such as the top bidders and unbid items. *The Greater Giving Leaderboard has different views and options, so play around with what’s most relevant to promote. (Need more technical information?)
  3. Make sure to upload sponsorship logos to further promote them.
  4. Be sure to negotiate available screens and usage with your venue manager before signing a contract. Sometimes there are extra fees associated with set-up and usage of screens, so identify what screens are available to you and negotiate their set-up and usage in advance. If they say there will be “no-cost,” get it in writing!
  5. If you leave your silent auction open through dinner or part of your live program, display the leaderboard on the main screen during this time to remind guests to stay engaged in silent auction bidding.
  6. If someone will be making announcements throughout the silent auction to drive bidding up (auctioneer, staff member, etc.), they can make use of the leaderboard to draw attention to certain packages. For example, highlighting certain packages displayed on the leaderboard; or making an announcement about “Unbid Packages” while unbid packages are displayed on the screen; drawing attention to the countdown, etc. The countdown appears next to each package on the far right in the format HH:MM:SS, letting everyone know how much time is left to bid on any given package.

We strongly believe that leaderboards are key to a more successful mobile bidding (or any) fundraising event.

To find out more, get the three simple steps to setting up your leaderboard here.

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