Announcing the Greater Giving Tablet App

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Announcing the Greater Giving Tablet App

You can download the Greater Giving Tablet App today

Earlier this year, Greater Giving released its tablet application, currently available in the Apple App store and Google Play. The goal of the Greater Giving Tablet app is to create a tool where nonprofits can run check-in and check-out from a tablet. After downloading the app, users login with their Greater Giving login and password to access their project(s). The Tablet App lets user’s access the same functionality of Greater Giving Go Time. This tool has been hugely popular with Greater Giving users. I wrote a list of common questions around getting started.

Common Questions:

  1. Q) Right now we only use laptops for check-in, can I now run my event check-in with a combination of tablets and laptops?
  2. A) Yes, you can. All the data connects with your Greater Giving Online database, creating a flexible option for your team.
  1. Q) What does the Tablet App cost?
  2. A) It’s free to download and there is no limit on the number of devices you can have it running on. You will need to have an active Greater Giving account to login. Use your customer login and password to connect to your event or project.
  1. Q) Can I send email receipts from a tablet at check-out?
  2. A) Yes, Greater Giving’s Go Time offers email receipts for check-out. Since that’s the case, you can also send them out from the Tablet App.
  1. Q) Do I need a web or data connection to run the app?
  2. A) Yes, the tool connects to your Greater Giving database, so you need WIFI or a data connection.
  1. Q) I went to the App Store on my smart phone, searched for Greater Giving, and I don’t see the app?
  2. A) Keep in mind that the tablet App Store and the tablet Google Play are different from the smartphone App Store and Google Play. The Greater Giving app is tablet only, so you need to be searching for tablet apps. Apple, for example, will not let you view tablet apps from the iPhone App Store.

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