Volunteer Management

5 Ideas to Motivate Your Event Planning Committee

Behind a great event stands a team of hardworking volunteers, board members, and staff. Event committees work a long game and teams are susceptible to fundraising – and planning – fatigue. Leaders are wise to add a few team motivators to their master calendar. For inspiration, here are 5 ideas to motivate your event planning… Read More »

How to Keep Your Volunteers Fed and Happy!

Volunteers—they work hard, they play hard. You rely on them during every part of your fundraiser and they need a lot of energy to keep up with the excitement of your donors.   Keeping your volunteers feeling great and ready to act throughout your event is an important piece of your planning strategy, so don’t… Read More »

4 Ways to Thank Event Night Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of a nonprofit organization. They’re not employees, and they’re not getting a paycheck—they’re only here out of the goodness of their heart. Understandably, it takes time to woo, train, and initiate a new volunteer. So once you’ve done the legwork recruiting him or her, it’s more than worth it to keep them!… Read More »

How To Rethink Your Fundraising Event

Do you wonder if all the hard work that goes into a fundraising event is worth it in the end? We talk with nonprofits all the time who invest tons of hours, dollars and volunteers only to pull off a fundraising event without seeing results. If that sounds like your organization, it may be time to take a hard… Read More »

Volunteer Roles

Key Volunteer Roles at Your Auction

To make your auction a success, you need a veritable army of volunteers. As with any endeavor, the clearer you are about the roles and expectations of your volunteers, the more successful your event will be. Below is a list of volunteer roles you’ll need to fill for a medium-sized event—about 58-64 volunteers. For larger… Read More »

Engage volunteers on social media

How to: Volunteer Retention for a Lifetime

Experience volunteer retention for a lifetime with these cutting-edge methods for 2015. Finding and recruiting a skilled volunteer is a pretty significant investment of time and effort. Once you do acquire that rockstar volunteer, keep them engaged and appreciated! A volunteer who believes in the cause and loves the work they do is a volunteer for… Read More »

LinkedIn For Good

Find and Recruit Volunteers for the Job

To find and recruit volunteers (and skilled ones at that) takes a significant investment of time and effort—so once you acquire that fantastic volunteer, foster a culture of engagement and appreciation to keep that volunteer for life. You know what needs doing at your nonprofit organization, but how do you find the right volunteer for the job? And… Read More »

Volunteer Impact Infograph

Volunteer Impact Reporting

Your volunteers are a great group of people who do a lot for your organization. How do they know what impact they have? How do you know what impact they have? What could you do with that knowledge? According to nonprofit software management research firm Software Advice, “55% of nonprofits collect data to measure the… Read More »

Auction Chair

5 Tips for First Time Auction Chairs

Congratulations! You just got elected Auction Chair. You’ve got a big job ahead of you, but we are here to help. Here are some tips for first-time Auction Chairs to help make the transition smoother. Shadow Your Predecessor Ideally the previous Auction Chair is still finishing out his or her term. If so, find a… Read More »