How to Keep Your Volunteers Fed and Happy!

Volunteers—they work hard, they play hard.

You rely on them during every part of your fundraiser and they need a lot of energy to keep up with the excitement of your donors.


Keeping your volunteers feeling great and ready to act throughout your event is an important piece of your planning strategy, so don’t forget them when deciding what to include in your menus. Incorporate these options into your event planning and all your volunteers will be well-fueled and ready for anything that might come their way.

The Plated Meal

You’re already serving a delicious meal to your guests, why not to treat your volunteers too? Sitting down to a meal prepared by the same chef your guests are enjoying will let them know how important you know they are to your success.

A Bountiful Buffet

Keep your volunteers full with a bountiful feast laid out buffet style. For fun, create a theme that reflects the mission of your organization and provide a wide array of dishes so everyone can find a few favorites.

Pot Luck for the Pack

Take a cue from your mother and show your love by offering your volunteers your best home-cooked recipes created by staff members. Keep in mind allergies and special diets as you adapt them to accommodate everyone on your team.

Bring on the Caterers!

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich or a cheesy slice of pizza? Give your volunteers the reward of comfort food from a favorite local restaurant or food cart. Place your order a few days before and, if possible, have it delivered to give you one less task to worry about the day of the event.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Your volunteer team’s energy will soar all day long when you provide them with easy-to-grab, healthy snacks, like fruit, vegetables, and granola bars. Whenever they begin to feel sluggish they can replenish with a quick break and a yummy snack.

And Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep a refrigerator or ice chest filled water bottles volunteers can grab and carry as they go about their tasks. If your venue is large enough consider filling multiple ice chests and placing them at strategic points that are easily accessible to your volunteers.

Considering Costs

Keep your budget in mind when deciding what to serve your team of volunteers. There are many great, inexpensive options available that can fill them up while keeping your budget on target.

Providing a scrumptious array of great food options for your volunteers will give them the energy they need to keep the momentum of a busy fundraiser running smoothly. It’ll also let them know their commitment to your cause is an important piece of your successful fundraiser.

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