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What to Say When Your Board Tells You to Create the #IceBucketChallenge”

#IceBucketChallenge” Campaign It was pretty incredible, wasn’t it? Over 2,330,000 videos popped up on the web of people dumping buckets of ice over their heads. (I still can’t believe that!) 28M people joined the conversation about Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and ALS raised about $85 million in less than a month. Understandably, achieving this kind of… Read More »

Giving Tuesday with Greater Giving

10 Easy Giving Tuesday Ideas

We asked 400 organizations around the U.S. how they’re going to participate this year in #GivingTuesday, and here are the 10 easy Giving Tuesday ideas they gave us: 1. Social media 2. E-blast 3. Announcement on website 4. Video 5. Social media posts with content tied to their annual appeal 6. Match dollars raised 7…. Read More »

Writing for Nonprofits Whitepaper

Extract taken from our Writing for Nonprofits Whitepaper: Writing for Nonprofits Your nonprofit organization does important work that impacts lives every day. Hone your ability to find a story and tell it in an innovative, genuine and impactful kind of way. This strand of storytelling is the single most important form of marketing, because supporters… Read More »

Greater Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Has Shown That Social Media Works!

#GivingTuesday has shown that social media works! Whether you already have a social media presence or you’ve never posted before, your #GivingTuesday campaign is the ideal opportunity to join the conversation, gain supporters, and raise funds for your constituents. Here are 10 steps for your nonprofit to roll out your Giving Tuesday social media campaign:… Read More »

Online Cause Promotion: 7 Free Nonprofit Tools

Online Promotion: 7 Free Nonprofit Tools A solid, online promotion plan comes in two parts: establishing your non-profit presence in online circles, and monitoring your reach as you begin using new promotional tools. Here are seven free nonprofit tools you can use to extend your non-profit’s reach, as well as keep an eye on your ongoing… Read More »

Hootsuite Hootgiving Social Media for Nonprofits

Guest Post: Doing More With Less – How Nonprofits Build Social Media Armies

Doing More With Less: How Nonprofits Build Social Media Armies Nonprofits can be some of the most innovative and creative organizations because they often have to make the most of limited resources. This is particularly true when it comes to marketing and PR, where some have figured out how to turn employees and volunteers into… Read More »

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap: June 2014

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap – June 2014 This month in the nonprofit social media world, Mobile Bidding was again a hot topic. With the fall season looming, and spring events swinging back into the planning stages, non-profit organizations are attending Mobile Bidding seminars, researching success stories, and planning their own foray into this new technological… Read More »

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Social Media Wrap: May 2014

In this month’s Social Media Wrap,many of our top social media posts hit an audience nerve: bringing simple science to your live and silent auctions to make the most fundraising dollars from each auction package.     We had a guest post this month by Winspire, discussing how to get the most mileage out of… Read More »