Nonprofit Social Media Wrap: June 2014

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap – June 2014

This month in the nonprofit social media world, Mobile Bidding was again a hot topic. With the fall season looming, and spring events swinging back into the planning stages, non-profit organizations are attending Mobile Bidding seminars, researching success stories, and planning their own foray into this new technological field.

Let’s start off this month’s social media wrap with something exciting and even a little patriotic: the World Cup. We had a great fundraiser idea around #Newsjacking: holding a World Cup viewing party! What other ways you can tie current events into your next fundraiser?

Twitter World Cup

We also posted a video this month showcasing the American Cancer Society’s 2014 Hope Ball. Greater Giving event solutions and Mobile Bidding jumped into action at the Ball to directly increase fundraising success.

Facebook ACS Video

Want to learn more about holding an auction with Greater Giving or adopting Mobile Bidding at your next auction? Our seminars were a hit on Google+. Be sure to attend one next month to learn how Mobile Bidding could be perfect for your next auction.

Greater Giving Google Plus Events

And while we’re on the subject of Mobile Bidding, check out these fashionable and fabulous bid assistants helping donors out at the Seattle Aquarium’s annual fundraiser! Their shirts even come with a cute and encouraging message.

Instagram Bid Assistant

You can tell it’s summer. Our post on creative outdoor event lighting scored a lot of attention—probably because those little umbrellas are so cute! Where’s Mary Poppins?

Pinterest Decoration

And why not tell the world about your snazzy new lighting ideas with an Instagram account? Post pictures of all the good you do, and join 30% of other non-profits in experimenting with Instagram to connect with their audience.

Twitter Instagram Stat

As item procurement winds up for autumn events, our customers are wondering: how big should the auction be to meet budget? Look no further than our post on auction math. Save time with this simple arithmetic to determine exactly how much you need to procure to meet your budget.

So where to fill the gaps? This month, we tackled the value of a monthly donor compared to a one-time donor. Did you know that a monthly donor gives 42% more each year than one-time donors? Remember: the little things add up, so don’t forget to add a “Recurring Donation” option to your donation page!

GooglePlus Community

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