Social Media Wrap: May 2014

Nonprofit Social Media Wrap

In this month’s Social Media Wrap,many of our top social media posts hit an audience nerve:

bringing simple science to your live and silent auctions to make the most fundraising dollars from each auction package.




We had a guest post this month by Winspire, discussing how to get the most mileage out of your auction packages. That extra push can be a huge boon when every dollar over the item cost directly profits your organization.




Greater Giving Auction Math


We also published an article the topic of Auction Math that was really hot. To make the most out of your annual benefit event, it’s important to know the size of your auction at the outset so you can plan and execute accordingly.






Signs You Need Auction SoftwareAnd part of that plan? Adopting benefit auction software. Another hot topic this month was knowing the signs to look for when your non-profit organization is ready to adopt management software, and taking the steps to make it happen.








Nonprofit Social MediaTechnology for non-profits is always at the top of our list of important topics, and this month was no exception. In the social media outreach sphere, our advice was to assign a persona to each of your social media platforms. That way, you know what audience is being reached by which social media account.


5 Fundraising Trends Digital AgeFundraising in the digital age changes more quickly than it ever has before. As non-profit organizations try to stay on top of digital development, one of our hottest topics this month was the top five auction trends happening now. And don’t forget about the tools that make keeping up with digital trends possible! We also saw a lot of traffic on how to use the Facebook “Ads Manager” to upload your own spreadsheet of email contacts, and then use Facebook Audiences to analyze your donor behavior.


Auction Bid AssistantBut where there’s new technology, there must be people to introduce it to non-profit administrators and even to event guests. Making bid assistants part of your mobile adoption plan for your next benefit auction trended this month. Bid assistants are identifiable, trained volunteers or staff members that help event attendees bid successfully with a tablet or mobile phone.



Bailey House AuctionAs we start preparing for fall non-profit events, it’s inspiring and helpful to see how other organizations have met the same challenges as yours—and conquered them. A great non-profit story of an event held by Dress for Success Oregon gave our viewership a much-needed inspiration boost.

That’s our Social Media Wrap.

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