The Top 5 Auction Trends in the Digital Age

Auction Trends in the Digital Age

While many fundraising techniques have stood the test of time, today’s digital technologies are opening up a whole new set of opportunities for non-profits. By embracing these new tools, you’ll be able to engage your supporters in new ways and increase your revenue. Our new guide, “The Top 5 Auction Trends in the Digital Age”, outlines technologies that can help your non-profit step up to a new level of fundraising.

In adopting these new innovations, keep in mind the comfort level of your supporters. While the Millennials and younger feel very at home with technology, the more seasoned generations may need some assistance with the new tools. This guide provides you with insights into generational traits so you can help your donors transition smoothly.

  1. Mobile Bidding—Do you want to make your auction more fun and increase revenue? Offer mobile bidding to your guests. They already have a smartphone—let them bid from anywhere in the event. They can socialize and participate in the auction at the same time, even engage in virtual bidding wars. With well-equipped volunteers, you can assist even the most technology-shy guests participate. Your supporters will have a lively time, bidding more and bidding often.
  2. Bid Assistants—For mobile bidding to work, people need to know how to use it. Train your staff and volunteers on the bidding technology and scatter them throughout the event. Make them visible with theme-based or color-specific “uniforms” so your guests can find them easily. This is a great way to bring in the Millennials and create cross-generational connections. Oh yeah, want to win an iPad mini?
  3. Seamless Transactions—Make your life easier and impress your guests with a seamless experience from check-in to purchasing to bidding. Have your guests register their credit card number at registration or check-in and link it to their bidder number, smartphone and email address. Then all they need is their bidder number to purchase drinks and raffle tickets, bid at the auction and make donations. You’ve just reduced your workload and allowed your guests to focus on participating in the event rather than fussing with administrative details.
  4. Emailed Receipts—By capturing your guests’ email address at registration/check-in, you can email their receipts for purchases and auction items. It saves time and paper and allows your guests to check out quickly and easily. You can even email receipts to guests who leave the event without checking out.
  5. Hashtag Events—How would you like some extra manpower in your marketing efforts? By creating a simple, evergreen hashtag (#YourEvent), you make it easy for your supporters to share news about your event with their friends on a variety of social media platforms. You can even launch a contest among your supporters and give away prizes for the best post or photo.

Implementing these new technologies can give your auction a real boost. Your supporters will be more actively engaged and enjoy the event, which leads to more generous giving.

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