Corporate Social Responsibility: The Ask

In recent blog posts we’ve explored Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how our current business climate presents unique opportunities for nonprofits.

Now it’s time prepare to craft your approach to potential corporate sponsors and underwriting opportunities and make the Ask.

Just to review, here’s what we’ve covered:

Now it’s time to develop your strategy to make the Ask. Whether you are making a pitch for yourself or an organization, preparation, timing and other factors are considered when making the Ask. Luckily for you, we have done some of the research and have provided a number of resources to help you with the process:
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Ebooks & White Papers

  • Sponsorship Strategies: Recruiting and Keeping Sponsor Partners – This 22-page e-book provides the training and tools you need to develop long-term relationships with your corporate sponsors. Learn how to think through your strategy, identify potential candidates, develop a compelling pitch, make the Ask and follow through in order to cultivate an ongoing relationship with your sponsors.
  • Writing for Non-Profits – This white paper describes how to tell your story in a compelling way. Your ability to convey to the world what you do and the difference you make is one of your best tools for promoting your cause. Learn how to craft your story, promote it on social media and talk with the traditional media (newspaper, radio, television) about your cause. Rich in details, this white paper provides you with plenty of tools and techniques for connecting with your audience.

Blog Posts — How to Make the Ask

  1. Do your homework – Make your first meeting a listening session. Find out all you can about your potential sponsor’s needs, dreams and goals: One Trick that Guarantees a Sponsorship: Listening.
  2. Compose a compelling pitch – Create a tailored proposal for each potential sponsor: How can you help this company meet its needs, dreams and goals? Learn more at Increase Donations with the Right Ask.
  3. Choose the right timing – When does your potential sponsor make budgeting decisions? How can you best work within their schedule? See 3 Steps to Timing Your Sponsor Ask for details.
  4. Make the Ask – Finally, when you’ve done your homework and scheduled the meeting, how do present your pitch for the best chance of success? Find out at Pitching for a Yes, Part 3: Making the Ask! You might also want to check out our Just Ask! The Art of the Ask

Armed with these tools and strategies, you’ll be able to make a compelling pitch to all your best sponsor candidates. We’re eager to hear your stories. Please share your successes (and lessons learned!) in the comments below.

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