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Top 11 Fund-A-Need Auction Killers

You’ve put a lot of work into planning your Fund-A-Need campaign. How do you ensure it will be successful? In our recent webinar, 7 Essentials to Fund-a-Need Success with Auction brio LLC, Mark Schroeder shared his insights. Tapping into years of experience as a certified benefit auctioneer, Mark listed the things to watch out for… Read More »

Smart Ways To Retain Donors

You work hard to attract new people to support your cause every year. But how many actually come back? Across the country, 75% of all first-time donors don’t return to the organization the following year. What can you do to turn this statistic around? Mark Schroeder, certified benefit auctioneer, shared with us his strategies for… Read More »

Fund-A-Need: How to Choose the Right Need to Fund

In this first of a series of articles, we’ll explore how to create a compelling Fund-A-Need that connects with your audience and inspires them to give. The Fund-A-Need is a valuable tool for any organization. It can raise funds for anything from classes to a whole new building in a very short time. Essentially, you… Read More »

Raise More by Hiring an Auctioneer

You’ve put quite a bit of effort into planning your fundraising event. You’ve spent a lot of money, too. You may be wondering whether it’s worth it to spend those last remaining dollars from your event budget on an auctioneer. After all, you do have an emcee, so why can’t he or she lead the… Read More »

The Good News and Bad News About Segmenting Donors

Segmenting donors into specific categories is a common practice used by nonprofits as a way to organize, strategize, and economize their funding campaigns. It assists in targeting those specific groups that are most likely to respond to the message they want to deliver. It’s a good strategy if executed correctly, but there is a downside… Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List

Unlike our social media lives, our email is still often a private, personal space. People are understandably guarded about their inboxes—it can get crowded quickly with junk. Most of us expect genuine communication in the inbox, rather than a wall of ads. It’s not a coincidence that email remains one of the most lucrative ways… Read More »

Giving Tuesday 2017 | #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday will be celebrating its five-year anniversary in 2017 and many organizations are gearing up to make this year the most charitable yet! Following on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is a day to recover from retail madness and begin the charitable season.  It’s designed for people to get involved in… Read More »