8 Reasons to Add Nonprofit Fundraising Software to Your Team

8 Reasons to Add Nonprofit Fundraising Software to Your Team

Boost your fundraising team’s effectiveness with Nonprofit Fundraising Software that supports and maximizes their work.

Greater Giving has over $8 Billion processed to support nonprofit clients

Nonprofit fundraising teams are hard-working and dedicated to their cause, but that doesn’t mean that they have time for stress and headaches in the workplace. That’s why so many organizations have added Nonprofit Fundraising Software. The tools included in fundraising software designed for nonprofits make fundraising simpler, less expensive, and well worth the effort.

Here at Greater Giving, we’ve worked with thousands of nonprofits to design fundraising solutions that fit into your team’s everyday task list. We want to help streamline what they’re already doing, save time, and ultimately raise more money for the cause.

This week, Greater Giving surpassed over $8 billion in processed donations since 2002. That’s $8 billion given to nonprofits delivered by our state-of-the-art credit card processing system directly to nonprofits’ to help further their causes.

So we’d like to celebrate with 8 reasons why fundraising software can save you time and money so you can raise more and stress less!

1. Automate to save your fundraising team time.

Are you processing donations manually? Accepting event registrations by check or over the phone? Creating attendee spreadsheets, guest lists, and table assignments by hand?

If so, you’re missing out on some great ways to save money and time with the help of automation!

The more your donors and guests can do themselves, the more resources your staff and volunteers can save for other important tasks. Online event registration not only processes ticket payments for you, additionally it automatically captures guest information for your attendee database. That’s a huge time saver!

2. One central database to keep your data organized and secure

Do you have multiple spreadsheets related to different parts of your upcoming fundraising event? Ditch them!

Store all your item donations, guest information, table assignments, and more in one place. Simply use an item donation form on your website to collect donor information, utilize online ticketing for guest information, track sponsorship benefits, and simultaneously assign attendees to tables using easy-to-use seating features. All of these tools are included in our nonprofit fundraising software solutions.

One of the best parts? Once you start tracking data in Greater Giving, you can pull on that data in every following year. No need to re-enter attendee information for your favorite regulars!

3. Helps you plan and run your events more smoothly and efficiently

Are you writing up your own guest lists, table seating charts, or auction item sales sheets? Well, you don’t need to anymore!

Just enter your donated auction items, sponsor benefits, and attendee information into your nonprofit fundraising software from Greater Giving, and nonetheless automatically generate guest lists, seating assignments, and more!

Just hit “print” and you have everything you need to run a quick and efficient registration!

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4. Automatically process donations

Shouldn’t taking donations be easy in this day and age? With Greater Giving’s nonprofit fundraising software, all you need to do is create a donation page with our easy-to-use website tool, and you can start accepting donations online right away!

Gear up for Year Round Giving with one of our built-in templates, and start harnessing the power of online giving.

5. Save time creating reports and keeping up with compliance

Want to know your auction item ROI? How much you made at your last event? Which types of items sold well, and which ones didn’t?

Once you’ve begun tracking your donor data in Greater Giving, it’s a cinch to generate a report and find out what you need to know! Choose a report from our hundreds of options to get all the numbers in just a flash.

6. Find out what works and what doesn’t

The best part of tracking all your data in one place? It’s easier to find patterns and unearth important discoveries about your fundraising methods across multiple years.

With Greater Giving, you can store your data from every fundraising event, and look back on it whenever you’d like. Compare data across years to get an idea of the bigger picture. Did your silent auction perform better this year than last? What can you do differently moving forward to raise more money? Let automation do the heavy lifting for you and find out your strong and weak points.

7. Access your Nonprofit Fundraising Software from anywhere at any time – even on the go.

The best part of using an automated software tool that’s available online? You can access it from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night. It’s the perfect tool for the professional on the go or the volunteer working from home—and multiple people can access it at the same time!

Want to control how much access different individuals have? Simply create user accounts for each staff member or volunteer, and customize what data they can alter to avoid any misunderstandings!

8. Reliable Fundraising Software Support

What makes Greater Giving stand out in the world of nonprofit fundraising tech? Well… it’s our personal, customized approach to customer support and service.

Train yourself and your team using our self-guided videos, or attend a live session with one of our fundraising professionals—for free!

Make your fundraising process more efficient

In the end, fundraising software benefits everyone. Less paperwork and scheduling hassles will free your team to focus on what they do best – raising money for nonprofits that need it most. Whether you are beginning to think about adding fundraising software to your team’s tasks, or you’re in the middle of the process right now, these 8 reasons will help you make the case for why fundraising software is a smart investment for your nonprofit.

Need help with a specific question or task? Call our client service line for personal attention—for free!

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