Wine Pull Strategy: Pouring Success into Your Fundraising Event

Wine Pull Strategy. A unique fundraising idea with a twist

How to boost your next fundraiser with a Wine Pull.

What is a Wine Pull Fundraiser?

A wine pull is a captivating auction game addition to your fundraising event that offers attendees the chance to contribute to your cause while also taking home a bottle of wine.

Enhance Revenue with a Fixed Price Wine Pull

Wine Bottle Accessories

A fixed-price wine pull presents a fantastic opportunity to generate more funds for your fundraiser. The concept is simple: curate a selection of wrapped wine bottles of varying types and qualities,  participants can purchase a bottle, and make a random selection. Typically, wine pull tickets are priced around $25.

Building Your Wine Collection

Before organizing your wine pull, gather a diverse selection of wines (about 30 bottles for every 50 attendees). Aim for a variety in type and quality, with a majority being mid-to-low-range wines and a smaller percentage being high-end selections.

Partnering with Local Wineries

Securing wine donations may appear time consuming, but partnering with local wineries can make it easier. Approach wineries and vineyards for potential donations or sponsorships, leveraging the mutual benefits of exposure and charitable involvement. Display information about the wines and their donors at the event.

Hosting a Pre-Event Wine Tasting

If procuring donations is challenging, consider hosting a pre-event wine tasting with your team members. This encourages excitement leading up to the fundraiser and helps bolster your wine collection.

Wrapping and Displaying the Bottles

Wrap the wine bottles to conceal their brands, often using craft paper and ribbons. For an added touch, align the wrapping with your event’s color scheme or cause. Neatly display the wrapped bottles on a table or wine wall, organized by red and white wines. Include a display sheet outlining potential wine options and their donors.

Unique Wine Pull Variations

Explore creative wine pull variations to elevate your fundraiser:

  • Up the stakes:

    Host a wine collection evening. Rather than each attendee buying one bottle, they will buy raffle tickets for around $10-15. First place winner goes home with 20 bottles, second place with 15, and third place with 10.

  • Wine & Beer Pull:

    Take advantage of the popularity of craft beers by including beer in your collection. From there, you can either assign a fixed price for both drinks, or offer two separate tickets ($15 for beer, $25 for wine, etc.).

  • Spin the bottle:

    Place a wine bottle in the middle of a table, with wrapped wine bottles in a circle surrounding it. Let your guests buy a spin, and whichever wine the bottle lands on is theirs.

  • Ring toss:

    Utilize this classic carnival game by placing wine bottles in a box. Attendees can buy several ring tosses for a fixed price ($25-30), and win whatever bottles of wine their rings land on.

  • Special Prizes:

    Tape special prizes on the bottoms of some of the bottles (vineyard tours, wine tasting tickets, etc.). Consequently, this is a great incentive for your guests to participate in the wine pull or buy more than one bottle.

  • Unwrapped:

    Don’t wrap the wine bottles. It’s particularly successful if you have been able to obtain a lot of high quality wine. Assign each bottle a number, and then place wine corks with matching numbers in a container. Attendees pay a fixed price ($20-30), pull a cork out at random, and win that wine.

Elevate Your Fundraiser Experience

A wine pull offers a distinctive way to engage attendees beyond financial contributions, fostering excitement and enhancing your event’s appeal. This inclusive element encourages attendee enthusiasm. It will also widen your reach and increase connections to your cause.

Explore More Wine Pull Ideas

No matter how you choose to execute the wine pull, it is a unique way to add an enjoyable experience to your fundraiser. Above all, successful fundraising events seek to connect with attendees over more than just money. This ensures that your guests excited about the event, eager to participate, and makes it easy for them to invite people who may not already be connected to the cause. Try adding the wine pull to your next fundraiser to increase the enthusiasm surrounding the event and enhance revenue!

For additional inspiration, explore our Wine Pull pin board on Pinterest. From creative wrapping to engaging variations, our ideas can help you craft an unforgettable fundraiser experience.

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