How to Successfully Fundraise on Instagram in Just 24 Hours

24-hour fundraiser on Instagram

Social Media is A Powerful Tool for Activism and Fundraising

As social media has become the go-to marketing strategy for many businesses, it has also aided in fundraising efforts for individuals seeking a creative and modern take on collecting funds.  In recent years, social media platforms like Instagram have become powerful tools for activism and fundraising.


Inspire Instagram Followers to Become Fundraisers

Although it might seem like a daunting task, raising $1,000 + in one day is very possible utilizing social media, specifically Instagram. You do not need to be an influencer either, any profile that has an active community should work. The premise here is to do more work so your followers do not have to put in much effort. A fundraiser on Instagram typically takes place on Instagram stories, where you share photos and videos encouraging followers to donate.

One of the key benefits of 24-hour fundraisers on Instagram is the ability to create a sense of urgency and excitement. By setting a tight deadline and a clear goal, you can encourage followers to act quickly and donate before the fundraiser ends. This can help drive up donations and create a sense of momentum around the cause.

Storytelling on Instagram

Start off by deciding how you want to represent your philanthropic group. Is there a moving video or picture that represents the mission statement well? Are you speaking on their behalf asking for donations? Or are you writing a meaningful post? The more media attention your organization can get the better. An important point is to create a public fundraising goal so your audience knows exactly what you are aiming for and how close you are getting throughout the day. This helps everyone feel like they are a part of the process. In addition, you want to have the main link of where the donations are going (using your Greater Giving Donation page, or another platform like GoFundMe, Venmo, etc.) on every single post, so those feeling generous can donate more than you are asking for and even share the tag.

An easy way to let your followers know you are doing most of the work is to add stories that make one click become a donation. This can be done in multiple ways. For one, you can create a poll asking “Would you like to support [insert organization name or mission]?” with the options of “Yes! I’d like to make a donation” and “Absolutely! I want to become a volunteer”. As you begin to get poll responses, the next step is to personally message that person and help them complete their donation or become a volunteer by sending them a link or information.  Yes, you will probably spend a few hours on social media this day but, once those small donations add up – it will be worth it!

Start The Timer for Your Instagram Fundraiser Instagram Fundraiser Poll

Before starting the 24 hour timer, make sure you have a game plan of who you are asking to share your posts. If your philanthropic organization has social media, it is important this Instagram fundraiser is advertised to all of the followers. If any of your friends have a larger social media following, ask and see if they are willing to share your posts (and the love).

24-hour Instagram fundraisers can be an effective way to tap into existing networks and audiences. By partnering with influencers or friends who have large followings, you can reach a wider audience and raise more money than you might have been able to on your own. This can be particularly beneficial for smaller organizations or causes that might not have the resources to promote their cause on a larger scale.

As social media continues to evolve, it is likely that we will see even more innovative and creative ways to use platforms like Instagram for charitable giving.

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