Turning Facebook Followers into Event Attendees – Part 2

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Phase Three: Converting Viewers to Attendees

Converting followers into event attendees is the number one goal of your Facebook ad, and offering a tool that makes it easy for them to register will help you “seal that deal.” Be sure you are able to collect all their relevant information, send their tickets and receipts, and communicate directly with them prior to the event.

Conversion Tools:

Lead ads create contact forms within your ads with pre-populated information, like email addresses, so you can quickly and securely gather information and follow up on your leads with other promotional activities, like newsletters, offers, and quotes.

Lookalike Audiences find people on Facebook who share traits—location, age, gender, and interests—allowing you to target people who would most likely be interested in attending your event.

Audience Network helps monetize your mobile apps and mobile websites. Its real-time optimization offers a variety of formats, including custom banner formats, native units for display and video.

Phase Four: Encouraging Sharing

Now it’s time to put your followers to work. Make it easy for them to “Share” your event ad and elevate its prominence on Facebook through “Likes” and comments, and by boosting your ad posts on their timelines. When done effectively, this will spread your message further than could be accomplished by any other method.

Sharing Tools:

Page Post Engagement boosts its prominence on Facebook, encouraging “Likes,” comments, and “Shares.” You can also send viewers to a specific page on your website by adding a web address, or choose a conversion pixel to track results.

Instagram ads can now be run on Facebook. Purchase an ad through Instagram and manage it through Facebook’s Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Hashtags can be used on Facebook to help people search for posts about specific topics they’re interested in. It’s easy to create a hashtag search phrase; just add a # (the number sign) to a word or phrase you’ve selected for your event and add it anywhere in the post to turn your hashtag into clickable links. You can add one or more to each post so people can follow several related topics.

Partner Categories are, simply put, targeting options provided by Facebook’s third-party data partners to collect and model data from a variety of sources, like public records, loyalty card programs, surveys, and independent data providers. Advertisers can add Partner Categories to your campaigns or you can request the categories directly from a data partner.

Bonus Tools

Additional tools to help you produce, manage, and analyze the effectiveness of your Facebook ads are also available. Typically, they are easy to use and support the marketing funnel that makes Facebook such an effective tool for advertising an event.

Management Tools

Business Manager assists in managing all your followers, ad accounts, and Pages in one place, while securely controlling access to their assets on Facebook. It also allows you to view all your Pages and ad accounts at once, without sharing login information or being connected to co-workers through Facebook. And, it’s free to use!

Ads Manager is a tool that can help you manage and measure your ads. Display all the ads you’re running, check the performance of each one or sets it to track larger trends found through the advertisement. You can also access campaign tools, such as custom audiences, audience insights, and your campaign media, as well as Power Editor for larger campaigns. Download the mobile app for access over your smartphone.

Analytic Tools

Facebook pixel is part of a code for your website that lets you measure, optimize, and build audiences for your ad campaigns. When someone visits your website then initiates an action, the Facebook pixel you’ve created gets triggered as a report on the action. Next, it goes onto to match the action with someone else on Facebook. You are notified everytime a customer acts and are enabled to reach this person again through a custom audience.

Facebook Ads Compass  from AdEspresso generates a free report to analyze your ad campaign. Find out what’s successful and what isn’t, and discover the key metrics of your campaign. Side-by-side comparisons provide insight into the age, gender, countries, placements, and devices of Facebook users and helps you find out what is monetarily beneficial and what is not—for free!

Learning Tools

Facebook Blueprint is a great tool to help you dig deeper into all the advantages and ways you can maximize your event’s advertisement on Facebook. The online learning platform contains more than fifty courses, and is available to everyone who has a Facebook account. It even tailors your training to your business goals!

The tools are out there to help you build a phenomenal Facebook advertisement for your next event. Understanding each phase of the marketing funnel will help you decide which ones are right for your nonprofit.

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