Take Online Donations with One Click for Your Year End Giving Campaign

Save money and a ton of time this year end giving season—just create your donation page to start accepting contributions online, and automatically handle recurring donations to encourage repeat donors.

Why is online giving so critical to year-end fundraising?

With the biggest season for giving almost upon us, we’ve been talking a lot about how to harness the immense potential of online giving—spotlighting the power of micro-donations, and exploring how the worldwide #GivingTuesday event can benefit your year-end giving campaign.

Why? Charitable giving through online platforms has risen exponentially over the past several years, and that trend’s only continued since COVID-19 forced nonprofits to postpone, or even cancel, their in-person fundraisers. More and more people are looking for ways to give back, and discovering the causes that inspire them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

So don’t leave money on the table! Give these eager potential donors a fast, easy way to contribute to your cause—especially young people, who are donating in greater numbers than ever—and watch your online giving campaign flourish. If it’s as simple as clicking a button or texting a number, your nonprofit is much more likely to capture that donation than with a written check.

Take online donations now with built-in Year End Giving tools

Whether it’s your first foray into running an entirely web-based giving campaign, or you’ve been conducting your fundraising online for years, we have the tools to get your year end giving campaign up and running in one click—with plenty of power to customize and match your nonprofit’s existing online presence.

Here at Greater Giving, we’ve got the tools your nonprofit needs to make the most of the giving spirit and raise more money online than ever before.

We want to help nonprofits change the world, so this season we’re awarding a $500 donation to the lucky winner of our Greater Giving Donation Page contest, and $50 and a double-entry to the first 50. Find out more here!

• Online Payments frees you from time-consuming data entry! Instead of designating one or more of your employees to answer phones or process credit card information, let Greater Giving take care of the heavy lifting during your busiest giving season.

Donors input and process their own donations with Online Payments donation pages, and all their contact information is automatically collected along the way. They can choose to donate once, or continue funding your mission and critical services by giving monthly!

After completing their donation, donors receive instant appreciation for their generosity, and a tax-deductible receipt to submit for employer matching—with no extra paperwork for your employees and volunteers.

• Donations by phone: So you’ve captured a potential donor’s attention with an inspiring social media post, or just a billboard glimpsed in passing. Turn it into a donation instantly with Text to Donate—before their attention moves on to something else.

And don’t miss out on donors who want to contribute, but are too busy in the moment to fill out a donation form! Greater Giving’s Text to Donate, included with Online Payments, allows donors to text a number with your chosen keyword, and they receive a link to submit their online donation when convenient. It’s the perfect way for a donor on the go to follow up when they have a free moment!

Best of all, online donation pages collect opted-in information about each donor—giving you the chance to thank them sincerely for their support and later, send out updates on the success of the campaign and how it helped your mission. And for future campaigns, you can offer past donors the opportunity to get involved again and support even more of your nonprofit’s great work.

• To make setting up your campaign even easier, Greater Giving has GivingTuesday and Year End Giving donation templates ready to use in one click. These templates provide a solid framework for launching your nonprofit’s online campaign—no web design experience necessary! We provide inspiring campaign descriptions, suggested donation amounts, and more.

Once the template is loaded, feel free to add your own flair! Fully customize the language and suggested donation amounts. Donation options start small to include everyone who wants to contribute to your nonprofit’s world-changing mission. (Learn more about these “micro-donations” and how they can help grow your organization here.)

The online donation forms even include the option to make donations recurring, so your organization can turn one-time charitable giving into a lifelong relationship.

• What about #GivingTuesday? You’ll also find an easy-to-use GivingTuesday and Year End Giving template in Online Payments, so you can get your campaign up and running right away.

We recently provided tips for turning GivingTuesday, the increasingly popular global day of generosity, into a blockbuster day of raising awareness and funds for nonprofits. Read more about how to harness donors’ passion for giving back with this event here.

Expand your nonprofit’s reach and grow a bigger donor base than ever!

Accepting online donations can bring a much wider, far-flung group of donors to your cause than you ever thought possible. Let them spread the word for you! Encourage donors to share your mission with their friends, family, and social followers using Greater Giving’s built-in social sharing tools. And the option to invite others to give turns new and existing donors alike into spokespeople for your cause, all with the click of a button.

If it all seems a little intimidating at first, don’t worry! Greater Giving offers your organization simple step-by-step instructions for taking advantage of these tools to bring support to your organization’s mission.

Even if you’re a seasoned online fundraiser, Online Payments provides the technical framework and support, so you can spend your time on what matters most—marketing, outreach, recruitment, and solicitation.

Get the latest in fundraising know-how. There’s something for everyone to discover on our Greater Giving Fundraising Blog. Check back every week to enhance and grow your organization’s online fundraising power!

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