Create a VIRAL Micro-donations Campaign

Use your existing marketing and inspirational stories to jumpstart a killer micro-donation campaign!

What are micro-donations? Micro-donations are those small contributions of $5, $10 or $20 that many fundraisers dismiss or overlook as insignificant. But dozens—or hundreds, or thousands!—of micro-donations can mean a stable source of revenue, or even funding a whole new project.

This short primer on micro-philanthropy campaigns can turn one breath-taking image and a short but motivational story into a social media sensation… and potentially bring in new supporters excited about your cause.

Communication strategies that bring in Micro-donations

Tap into the sustainable, year-round generosity of micro-donations with communications that must be shared! We’re talking inspiring, emotional, and just the kind of thing that pulls on the heartstrings. Always post the tangible impact of small donations on your mission and services with a heartfelt story to accompany a showcase photo or video.

This Autumn Work Smarter Not Harder

If your organization has already created fundraising materials for a Year-End Giving campaign, put it to use raising micro-donations, too! Take a photo or video from your campaign and add a quick, motivational story about your nonprofit’s critical mission, then include a link to a donation page specifically meant for micro-donations. Be sure to include a heartfelt ask for a small amount, such as $10, to continue or expand your program—and if you have space, why that $10 really, really matters.

Informing a donor that $5—or the cost of a cup of coffee—can provide a healthy lunch for a child facing food insecurity makes potential donors feel their contribution is meaningful and immediately effective. Keep the focus on what the donation means for achieving the cause!

Micro-philanthropy is about small donation, BIG IMPACT. Create messaging that emphasizes how one small contribution can make the difference in reaching a critical goal. Framing a small donation in these tangible terms can inspire large numbers of people to give toward achieving that goal. Set it low enough that it’s achievable, but not so low that it’s overcome too soon—and consider adding “flex goals,” or additional funding thresholds that would allow even more impact. Setting a goal of $1000 to fund a semester of art education is very attainable, and displaying your goal as donations come in inspires donors to reach it together.

Now you have the perfect post for your social accounts to bring in new donors without adding work!

A campaign now for micro-donations creates longevity later

Is it worth the time and money to cultivate micro-donations?

Yes! Micro-donations can yield ongoing, sustainable revenue throughout the year. This doesn’t mean micro-philanthropy will replace annual fundraisers or major capital campaigns, but adding a focus on micro-donations to fundraising events like #GivingTuesday (which is right around the corner!) or your Year-End Giving campaign can bring in new donors, and boost exposure during a flurry of charitable activity.

A Micro Campaign for Major Exposure

Micro-donations often come from mobile devices and younger users—usually as a result of that donor seeing a single inspiring story on their social feed.

Essentially, micro-donations emerge from wider awareness about your organization and your cause. Always a good thing, right? And that one inspiring social media post can spring from just a little creative thinking and some good, old-fashioned sharing.

One Donation Could Lead To a Lifelong Donor

Follow up with your micro-donors after your campaign has ended, thanking them for their contribution and sharing the difference it made to your cause. Always recognize the impact and importance of your donors when sending out updates on the success of a particular campaign, placing them front and center in the story.

Remember, the feeling of contributing to something meaningful can inspire donors to give again, knowing that they can make a positive difference in the world.

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