Tailor-Made Messages for #GivingTuesday

Nothing is more important to your #GivingTuesday fundraising campaign than getting the word out.

Messaging to your corporate sponsors, volunteers, staff and especially your donors all require their own unique tone, information and call to action.


Inspire each of these important groups to contribute with these tailor-made tips.

Rev Up Your Volunteers

Three cheers for the volunteers! They’re always there when you need them and you want to let them know just how important they are to your cause, as well as exactly what they’ll need to do to support your #GivingTuesday campaign.

Notify them a few weeks early with an email inviting them to participate and a request to spread the word to their personal community. Be sure to remind them the time they offer is just as valuable as the donations collected.

Incorporating Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors are great advocates for getting the word out about your #GivingTuesday campaign. Employees are tuned into their messaging and regularly support the causes endorsed by their employers.

Offer your sponsors video, graphics, and important information early and encourage them to include it in their newsletters and holiday messages. And, don’t forget to remind them of the end-of-year benefits their donation can provide their employees during tax season!

Rally the Staff

Of course, your staff wants to help! Task them with spreading the word to their communities.

Provide them with prepared messages they can send out and a timeline they can reference throughout the few days leading up to the event, with infographics and video. On the day the campaign kicks off provide them with regular updates and challenges they can share on their networks to keep the momentum high.

Motivate Donors

Your donors have already proven their commitment to your fundraising success, so you don’t want to miss including them in your messaging.

Send out motivating messages with infographics, video and matching challenges that will spur on their spirit of giving. Let them see the good work their past contributions have already made possible and remind them their donation is tax deductible, too.

Tailor your #GivingTuesday campaign’s message to every member of your foundation’s greater community by providing the right information, timing, and motivation and watch as the donations come rolling in!

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