year round giving

Thank you all

Express Gratitude Year-round to Build Support

Simply taking the time to communicate the words “thank you” can be very powerful. Giving thanks to everyone who supports your organization shouldn’t be saved for a specific time of year—it should take place year-round. Thanking your supporters should come from a place of sincerity—not just a checkbox on your list of things to do…. Read More »

Thank Donors

Ensure Year-round Support from New Donors

Do you struggle with keeping your donors engaged year-round? For most companies the end of the year is a slow period and a time for catching up; however for nonprofit organizations it’s a busy time for collecting year-end donations from new and existing donors. These donors give in a myriad of ways: online, by mail… Read More »

Day of Giving

Help Your Donors Realize Giving Goes Beyond One Day Giving Events

Extend Donor Giving Beyond One Day Giving Events Your organization never stops working to achieve its mission; there’s always another initiative to pursue or problem to solve. So why should your fundraising come from a single annual event, when your need is year-round? A regular influx of giving lends stability and alleviates reliance on a… Read More »