Express Gratitude Year-round to Build Support

Thank you all

Simply taking the time to communicate the words “thank you” can be very powerful.

Giving thanks to everyone who supports your organization shouldn’t be saved for a specific time of year—it should take place year-round.

Thanking your supporters should come from a place of sincerity—not just a checkbox on your list of things to do. Here are a few points to keep in mind before thanking your supporters:

  • Make sure it’s sincere and personal—a phone call or a short note may be enough.
  • Make it specific—thank someone for a particular task, donation, or something they did.
  • Show return on investment—tell the person how their time, money and/or efforts have impacted your organization.

It’s always important for nonprofit organizations to thank their donors, yet there are so many others whose efforts are vital to your organization. Who else should you thank?


After all, your volunteers are doing a job for no pay in addition to their own busy lives. They need a reason to keep coming in. Beyond a verbal thank you, you could bring in treats for your volunteers, take them out to lunch, or host a fun event.

Board Members

Board members usually have demanding jobs, as well as working on your organization’s behalf. Go out of your way to regularly thank them individually for helping with a certain task and as a group in your newsletter or annual report.

Staff Members

Always thank staff members for a job well done at the end of any project. Everyone loves to be praised and it improves morale. Besides individual thank-you’s, find a way to thank your team, such as occasional group lunches or coffee breaks.

Your Manager

Managers always want their staff members to succeed, and would be thrilled if you thanked them for their support and guidance. A sincere thank you after a staff meeting is all that’s needed.

Your Colleagues

Thank your colleagues if they provide you with information for a report or help with you with something that just made your life a whole lot easier. They’ll be willing to help again if they feel appreciated.

Other Supporters

In your newsletter, on your website, and/or social network sites you can thank other supporters for attending an event or calling their legislators about an issue.

If you use Greater Giving products, utilize the email tool and templates to send thank-you’s that are specific to the donation, volunteer hours, Board efforts, etc. You can save different versions for future use to save time in the future, and choose to print letters or send emails depending on the occasion.

By showing gratitude to everyone who supports your organization throughout the year, you’ll constantly remind them they are a part of your community— working together for a cause you all believe in.

So, thank you for reading these articles, and for doing the good work you do. This world is a better place because of you and your amazing network of supporters!

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