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Mastering Your Virtual or Hybrid Event: A Program that Keeps Guests Smiling – pt.1

Throughout the pandemic, fundraisers have struggled to engage online donors with the cause. But embracing low-cost technological solutions can help. During the transition to virtual events, nonprofit event planners simply didn’t have a playbook. A purely online fundraiser with a livestream, a remote auction and a virtual donation appeal was new to almost everyone—there were… Read More »

Unexpected Gains Through Virtual Events | State of Nonprofit Fundraising 2021

Will Nonprofits Move Away from One Big Gala Every Year?

The world of nonprofit fundraising changed dramatically in the last eighteen months. We’ve detailed many of these shifts, and the lessons learned from them, in the recently-published The State of Nonprofit Fundraising report. As nonprofits were forced to postpone, and often cancel, their large, in-person fundraising galas, something else took its place: the virtual event…. Read More »