School Auction Sponsorships

With many PTA or School auction groups it’s common to put a large percent of focus on item procurement and event night logistics. Gathering the best possible items and creatively packaging them leaves a lasting impression on guests and helps keep winning bidders happy. However; this strategy of mainly targeting your auction can push the revenue section of sponsorship to the back burner where it becomes easily overlooked. Sponsorships can account for a large percentage of dollars raised at a fundraising event and in many cases help underwrite event night costs.

Giving local companies the chance to showcase their support in front of your donors is a win-win opportunity. Many local businesses, like insurance agents and real estate brokers, love the opportunity to showcase their brand with a school based organization they care strongly about.

Here are tips for creating extra sponsorship value:

Use paddles for your live auction. Put the bidder number on one side and the local sponsor’s logo on the other. When a bid is made in your live event, the auctioneer sees the bid number but the rest of the room sees the sponsor’s logo. Take this idea to the next level by asking the local sponsor if they will make an extra donation to your cause for every person at the event who brings their paddle into the store.

Have a bar at your event. Sell the naming rights to the bar or a signature cocktail. Each time you reference the “Valley Car Dealer Wine Bar” or “Arbor Credit Union Cosmo” use the name to keep the sponsors happy and their brand in front of event guests.

What’s the password. Sell your tickets online pre-event and add in your confirmation receipt show a sponsor logo and include a secret password or phase specific to that sponsor. Each person who says the password at check in gets an extra raffle ticket or free drink. Example: “Do you have the password?” “West Value Credit Union where you are always #1”.

Here are some ideas of school auction sponsors:

Local restaurants

Car Dealerships

Real Estate Agents

Insurance Agents

Credit Unions

Law Firms

Businesses of parents at your school

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