Top School Auction Packages

Want to bring some kick to your next school auction? Because your audience consists of parents and family members, tailor a majority of your school auction packages to make them appealing to families. You’ll generate a lot of excitement for your event and boost your fundraising!

Bucket List Adventures

Who wouldn’t want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure the whole family can enjoy? From international travel to a Disney vacation, find out what your audience loves and create a special adventure parents will drool over:

  • International trips: Paris, Rome, Ireland, Tokyo, Jamaica.
  • Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Adventure.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Disneyland Family Adventure.
  • Wild West Adventure.
  • Ski Adventures.

Check out Greater Giving’s Auction Booster for more ideas.

Teacher ExperiencesBest Practices for School Auctions

Kids love to interact with their favorite teachers outside of class. Make it a special occasion—in or out of school:

  • Lunch with the teacher.
  • Be a teacher for a day.
  • Field trip with a favorite teacher to a museum or bookstore.
  • Limo ride to lunch with the principal.
  • Principal’s Assistant for a day.

Local Connections

Heroes come in all shapes. For younger children, maybe it’s firemen. For older children, perhaps it’s a local newscaster or an athlete. Create an experience for a child to see first-hand what their local heroes do every day:

  • Firetruck ride from school to the station, including dinner cooked by the firemen.
  • Police Assistant for a day.
  • A day at the farm.
  • Backstage tour of a local news station or a chance to DJ on a radio station.
  • Photo opportunity and pre-game tour with a local sports team.

Student Art Projects

One of the more popular school auction packages is student art projects. Each class can create their own work of art. Make sure to give your teachers plenty of lead time for the kids to create their masterpiece. If you or your teachers need inspiration, there are lots of creative ideas on Pinterest and other sites:

  • Recycled art, e.g. Dale Chihuly water bottle sculpture.
  • Decorated furniture: a chest of drawers or a park bench.
  • Hand-painted ceramics.
  • Quilts of all kinds.
  • Collages made with students’ school pictures.

Family Vacations

A special trip for the whole family is a great fundraising idea. It eliminates planning headaches for the parents and gives the kids something exciting to look forward to:

  • Chartered fishing trip for four.
  • Camping trip, complete with tent, sleeping bags, cook stove and gear.
  • Ski adventure, including ski passes, ski and boot rental, an overnight stay at a ski resort.


Sports are always popular. The more enticing you can make the package, the more people will bid:

  • Basketball party in the gym.
  • Baseball game against the teachers.
  • Four game tickets for Club-Level seats in the incredible Dallas Cowboys Stadium, rental car, parking pass, $1,000 Visa card.


Everybody loves to eat—especially when you don’t have to cook!

  • Monthly dinners for a year—each month at a different popular restaurant.
  • A private meal cooked for you and your family by a popular local chef.
  • Catered Rib Fest Party for 25 with tables, tent, musical entertainment, adult beverages, all at a popular location.

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