Ridgefield Academy Celebrates a Generous #GivingTuesday

Achieving your fundraising goals is always a great feeling.

It’s the culmination of your hard work and the shared passion that connects your community. It’s certainly something to celebrate, and Ridgefield Academy was able to do just that recently when they achieved, and even exceeded, their fundraising goal on #GivingTuesday!

The staff at Ridgefield Academy was so grateful for the generosity of their donors they decided to make a video as a way to show just how thankful they are. It was a fun project that got everyone at Ridgefield involved and they shared it online.

Ridgefield has been able to tap into the passion their community has for their school and achieve their fundraising goal by relying on four key aspects of fundraising.

Getting the Word Out

Effective promotion is the first step on the road to success. By regularly promoting the campaign over well-established social networks, supporters of Ridgefield Academy were ready and excited to be a contributing partner on #GivingTuesday.

Making It A Group Effort

Magical things can happen when people come together. From teachers and staff, to parents and volunteers, Ridgefield Academy took extra care to involve representatives from every level of their multi-layered community. Because of this more people knew about the fundraiser, creating more opportunities to reach more people during this campaign, as well as future ones.

The Mechanics

The event planning team at Ridgefield kept their technical toolboxes well stocked with software that manages every aspect of their fundraiser, relying on an integrated system that automatically tracks transactions and updates their contact list so they can spend more time personally connecting with their donors.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Fun is a big part of Ridgefield’s fundraising efforts and they are always ready to incorporate new, creative ideas into their campaigns as a way to get people excited. They began this campaign at the student drop off line armed with packets of Skittles and information on how to contribute to the fundraiser. In return, parents drove off with a clear path to donate—and a sweet treat, too!

In both regards to donations garnered and invigorating their community, the event planners at Ridgefield Academy can chalk up their #GivingTuesday campaign as a roaring success and a sound reason for celebration.

Congratulations, Ridgefield Academy!

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