Paperless Please: Adopting Nonprofit Technology

Nonprofit Technology

When budgets are tight and time is in short supply, it may seem like investing in technology is a stretch that’s out of reach. But many nonprofits are discovering that technology actually helps them serve their mission better. Here are just a few reasons to adopt nonprofit technology now:

Social Media

There’s no question social media has a huge impact on many aspects of society. One of those effects is the competition for donations among nonprofits. Many organizations are turning to online fundraising and crowdfunding as ways to reach new audiences and connect with donors in an immediate and engaging way.

Mobile Technology

According to some reports, more than 48% of emails are now read on mobile devices. This trend is driving many organizations to develop a mobile-friendly approach to reach donors. When you combine this with automated systems that deliver relevant content to donors in a timely fashion, you’ve got a winning recipe for success. Not to mention incorporating Mobile Bidding at auction events, which we’ve seen raise an event’s revenue by 20-30%.


Software can streamline mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up your people to do the really important work. Think of an automated system that can send out task reminders and email receipts. Complex tasks get much easier with software as well. Wouldn’t you like an easy way to schedule your volunteers?


Having good systems in place allows you to easily hand off work to others. New people can come up to speed quickly. And, if someone leaves the organization, their work can be quickly and easily passed on to someone else.


Technology is a great help in getting those reports ready. You’ll be able to reduce errors in recordkeeping. Your data is easily accessible. Technology tools let you sort and analyze the data in greater detail and with more accuracy. Generating and updating reports becomes a whole lot easier.


Nonprofits steward huge amounts of personal data. It’s an enormous responsibility. Making sure this data is secure will help you avoid data theft and keep your reputation intact.

Utilizing Technology

You are focused on your mission to serve your constituents. And you want to accomplish this while avoiding excessive overhead. Investing in technology will help you achieve this goal, giving you and your people a better ability to serve those who need your help. To see some of the trends in technology, read our Nonprofit Software Report.

We know choosing the right tools is a serious decision. Talk with us. We can help you customize your technology adoption process. With better tools, you can boost your fundraising efforts and increase your ROI.

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