Online Bidding – An Ideal Melding of Online Auctions and Mobile Bidding

Online Bidding

Online Bidding will connect more people to your cause—wherever they are!

Greater Giving Online Bidding is an all-in-one, secure, online fundraising solution with the functionality to support both mobile bidding and online auctions at your events year-round—for one low annual fee.

This innovative feature within Greater Giving Event Software will enable you to register guests and kickoff online bidding before your gala; utilize mobile bidding at any of your events; and host an online auction anytime during the year.

So are you ready to take your silent auction to the next level?

Online Bidding can help prepare your organization to maximize its fundraising potential by providing an easy to use format where your constituents can support your organization through an auction easily accessed on any device.

Online Auctions + Mobile Bidding = ONLINE BIDDING

Online Bidding sounds a lot like an online auction, right? Well actually, it’s a combination of Online Auctions & Mobile Bidding. We decided to take the best features of both types of technology to create a new way to fundraise. You can use Greater Giving’s Online Bidding to host an online auction, mobile bidding at your gala, or even do pre-bidding before your gala. Now, your organization can host auctions year round and maximize your fundraising potential using the latest in fundraising technology.


Designate a bid assistant to shadow event guests with a tablet to place bids on their behalf. A win win!

Bid Assistant

Choose how your donors and guests get access to the platform by inviting them to create an account using the Greater Giving Account Manager and keeping their contact and payment information up to date and all in real-time with their supporter record within the Greater Giving Online Event Software. Or, you can send them an automatic text or email notification inviting them to start bidding. Use these features to conduct a number of different events like golf tournaments, black tie events, or a weekend auction and do as many as you would like throughout the year.

What about those guests attending your event that prefer to not use their own device? Using Greater Giving’s Go Time & Online Bidding together lets a staff or volunteer access the bidding platform for a bidder and place their bid quickly.

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