Joshua Allen

Creating Value for Major Donors

Many organizations create a specific group of admissions for sponsorships or VIP tickets, but what is incentivizing those donors to buy something at a higher price point? Here are some ideas that will help distinguish your VIP/Major Donors and encourage ticket purchasers to upgrade next year. Valet Parking Some event venues have limited parking. Include… Read More »

Simplifying the Donation Process

Simplifying the Donation Process Every nonprofit has an online donation page nowadays. But once you click that “donate now” button, the similarities can quickly end. Not every donation page is the same– and the more complicated the page, the more likely a donor is to stop filling out the form altogether. No nonprofit wants to lose donations… Read More »

Strategic Fundraising Event Layouts

The invites have been sent; the guests are registered; the auction packages are set; and volunteers are in place, but what might be the most important task of all? How you will layout your event! There so many considerations when it comes to your event layout: Should the check-in line be right in the front to create… Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Silent Auction Displays

Grabbing the attention of bidders with auction packages you and your team have spent weeks procuring and curating is never easy. We’ve compiled a few ideas to help make the job easier of preparing your silent auction displays to capture the attention of your donors.   DO: Thank the donor! The quickest way to ensure auction item donors return year… Read More »

Top New Fall 2016 Greater Giving Features

What’s New at Greater Giving Here at Greater Giving, we strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and robust set of tools to help produce the best fundraising events out there. Here’s a brief look into our latest round of improvements and features to help make your fundraising easier. Saved Searches & Exports Frustrated with continually… Read More »

Online Bidding

Online Bidding – An Ideal Melding of Online Auctions and Mobile Bidding

Online Bidding will connect more people to your cause—wherever they are! Greater Giving Online Bidding is an all-in-one, secure, online fundraising solution with the functionality to support both mobile bidding and online auctions at your events year-round—for one low annual fee. This innovative feature within Greater Giving Event Software will enable you to register guests… Read More »

Pokemon Go

What Does Pokémon Go Have to Do with My Organization?

Are you seeing a stream of new faces in your building, searching for elusive invisible creatures with their phones? People everywhere have jumped on the Pokémon Go craze—a smart phone app that uses your actual surroundings to create a scavenger hunt for Pokémon. How can you capitalize on this unexpected traffic without losing your focus? Pokémon… Read More »

Sponsor Guest List

My Sponsors Won’t Tell Me Who’s Attending

It happens at every event—generous sponsors donate thousands of dollars for the opportunity to have their names included on signage, on the website, and scrolling past on the sponsor reel. And in exchange, nonprofits usually give sponsors extra admission to bring guests or employees of the company to the event. Everyone’s happy, right? For many… Read More »

Stack of Jeans

Help! My Auction Floor is a Mess!

Imagine walking into your favorite clothing store to buy a pair of jeans. You look up and down the wall with all the sizes and can’t find what you’re looking for because the sizes aren’t sorted in order. It’s up to you to dig through the piles of denim to find what you’re looking for,… Read More »