Leftover Auction Items? Have a “Fire Sale”

Auction Items Fire Sale

The auction is over, everyone had a wonderful time and your fundraising was a great success. Now what do you do with the packages that didn’t sell and the last minute items that didn’t make it into the auction? Before you store them away for next year, why not sell them now and make even more money for your cause?

If you have space available, you can display the packages one evening and sell them outright for a reduced price. Or, you could go through the process of setting up online auctions on with a service like eBay. But to get the most out of your Fire Sale, why not let technology work its wonders?

This is a perfect use for Mobile Bidding. Just set up the auction and people can bid from their phones wherever they are. You’ll get more participation and your donors will have more fun, which drives the bidding up—resulting in more revenue for your cause.

GG TIP: With Greater Giving software, setting up a Mobile Bidding, post-event fire sale is easy.

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions: Setting up an online Mobile Bidding post-auction sale

Generate a list of packages

List the packages for your Fire Sale. Set the starting bid at a reduced rate that’s low enough to entice more bidders, but high enough to still make a profit. Include pictures of the packages or of people enjoying the experience they represent.

Create a special page on your website

You’ll want to create a special page on your website for the Fire Sale. Include a link to your online auction and any special instructions, such as how to use Mobile Bidding to bid on items. Set a time limit for the auction (one to two weeks is optimal) and announce the start and end dates. This creates a sense of urgency and keeps people interested. If you are having a one-time sale at a local venue, be sure to include the date/time and address of the venue.

Make sure to include a donate button on your page so people who want to support your cause can do so, even if they don’t participate in the online auction.

Place a banner or promotion announcement on the home page of your website that links directly to your Fire Sale page.

Promote the sale to everybody

The key to a successful online auction is communication. Make sure everybody knows about your Fire Sale. Invite friends, family and acquaintances. Reach out to those who couldn’t come to the event. Make it easy for people to share the event announcement with their friends. Send the Fire Sale URL in email blasts and include it in social media posts. Give yourself enough time before the Fire Sale starts to build up excitement.

In your messages, thank everyone for a great event. Share the results of the fundraising. Include highlights of the evening and photos of people having a good time. You can also include variations of these elements on the Fire Sale page of your website.

What’s your experience?

Have you successfully held a post-event sale? What worked best for you? Do you have any tips for someone planning such a sale for the first time? Please share your insights.

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