Charging Station 101 (Mobile Juice Bars)

Juice Bar

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JUICE BAR: A cell phone charging area with multiple chargers for different smartphones; at fundraising events, this is ideally staffed with a Bid Assistant to help troubleshoot mobile connection troubles and assist with placing bids.

When your event includes mobile bidding, a dreaded low-battery can dampen the guest experience. For bidders who have a device with a low battery or need assistance with bidding, strategically Mobile Charging Stationlocate and identify a mobile bidding help station or a smaller charging station (aka Mobile Juice Bar) ready. Charging station bid assistants should monitor these kiosks as well to provide basic support.

For anyone who arrives without a device, stock your charging station with extra devices that bidders can use for the silent auction. Or, provide bidding assistance by placing bids for them—Bid Assistants can place bids for guests on their iPads.

Mobile Charging Station also known as the "Juice Bar"The Juice Bar is also a great opportunity to attract some additional sponsorship dollars—hang a sponsor’s banner over the charging station, or put up a sign thanking the company who made it possible.

One Greater Giving client recruited a local wireless provider to sponsor their event and donate standing charging stations, iPads, signage, and Bid Assistants for the night of their gala. They ended up raising 20% more than the year before and paid for the mobile bidding technology with sponsorship dollars from the company.

By hosting a Mobile Charging Station non-profit organizations create a new sponsorship revenue opportunity; while creating another way to improve their donors’ experience.

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      Thanks for your question! The amount a sponsor pays varies from organization to organization, so it’s really up to you and your committee to decide.

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