Unveiling the Power of Fund-A-Need Appeals

Fund-A-Need Paddle Raise appeal Infographic

Have you ever witnessed the energy in a room soar during a well-executed Fund-a-Need appeal (also known as a Paddle Raise)? It’s a powerful fundraising tool that can significantly boost your event’s success. But how exactly are nonprofits and schools maximizing this fundraising technique?

We surveyed fundraising professionals to uncover the secrets behind impactful Fund-a-Need campaigns. This blog post dives into the data and shares best practices to elevate your own fundraising efforts.Fund-A-Need Paddle Raise Special Appeal Infographic

What is a Fund-a-Need aka Paddle Raise Appeal?

A Fund-a-Need is a fundraising appeal at an event where you directly ask attendees to donate towards a specific cause or program. It’s a chance to connect with your audience on an emotional level and inspire them to make a real difference.

Insights from Other Nonprofit Fundraising Pros

Our infographic explores key findings from the survey, including:

  • Timing is Key: Nearly half (45%) of nonprofits conduct their Fund-a-Need appeal at the end of the event,capitalizing on the excitement and momentum built throughout the evening.
  • Storytelling Sells: A whopping 43% of respondents highlight the importance of showcasing your organization’s mission during the Fund-a-Need program. Compelling stories from a passionate speaker can resonate deeply with donors.
  • Traditional Appeal: The classic method of asking attendees to raise their paddles to signify a donation is still going strong, preferred by 59% of those surveyed.
  • The Power of the Auctioneer: Over half (53%) of respondents leverage the expertise of an auctioneer to lead the Fund-a-Need segment, adding energy and encouraging higher contributions.
  • Strategic Preparation: The importance of pre-committed donations is evident, with 57% of organizations securing pledges before the event. The average pre-commitment amount sits at a healthy $20,000, providing a strong foundation for fundraising success.
  • Reaching Fundraising Goals: The data shows that Fund-a-Need appeals can be a significant financial driver. The average organization raises a remarkable $44,000 during this portion of their event.

Ready to take your Fund-a-Need to the next level?

Download our full infographic to explore the data in detail and discover additional best practices you can incorporate into your next fundraising event. With the right approach, your Fund-a-Need appeal can become a powerful tool for amplifying your impact and achieving your fundraising goals.

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