Easy Crafter Hacks for Event Decor

It can be stressful when the clock is winding down to your biggest event of the year and you feel like the décor hasn’t got the “wow” factor you expected.

Everything’s in place and ready for your guests, but when they walk through the door will they be transported into an unforgettable event experience?

When you find yourself desperately searching for that missing element to create an amazing look for your venue, try calling on your inner craft-master for a few quick, crafter hacks. Take a look at these seven themes for creative ideas you can quickly put into place quickly to add pizzaz to your event!

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Captivating all five senses and creating a beautiful atmosphere for your guests is easily achieved by including water features as part of your décor. Let your guests cool off at a casual outdoor event as they walk under a misting machine’s refreshing curtain. Ot install portable fountains with colored lights to create an elegant feel. Most water features can be installed the day of the event. They also make great photo locations!

Re-imagining the Physical Space

Sometimes a statement piece is just what’s needed to guide guests to the next point of interest. Arches, pillars and walls made of sculpted paper, silk flowers, seashells or other kinds of applique can be placed in strategic places to turn guests to the next big moment with little prior assembly. Or bring in a unique piece to add to a display, like a vintage car or a white picket fence. The more creative the better.

The Grandeur of Fabric Draping

With every type of fabric comes a message. Burlap for country settings, chiffon for a mystery, or velvet for intimacy—every type of fabric conveys a distinctive mood. Picking color combinations that will elicit the right emotional response can have a big impact on the event’s atmosphere.

Flush with Florals

Adding an abundance of plants and flowers to a venue has proven time and again to be a quick fix for a lackluster event space. For a leaner budget opt for a few large potted plants or trees to make a big statement (donated by your local nursery!), then add small arrangements to the table. Large budgets can get a lot of mileage out of the use of greenery, creating whole environments to reinforce their theme. Add fountains and lighting to increase the drama for the night.

Every Color of the Rainbow

Bring all the colors of the rainbow to your event with purposeful use of color. Set the tone for the evening with your theme’s background colors and highlight the areas you want to bring attention to with accent colors that pop. You can do this with paint, lighting, table pieces and paper elements in just about every part of your venue’s décor.

Through the Looking Glass

Free standing windows and mirrors will add a mysterious feeling to the night as guests find themselves looking beyond the confines of the room. Add a backdrop of plants to a staged window to provide a glimpse “outside,” or place mirrors in a way that will throw your guests’ perception off track as they walk through the venue.

Food for Fun’s Sake

Using food to create a unique environment opens up all kinds of options for event planners. Create towers of goodies for centerpieces or a buffet table; spread brightly packaged candies across the table; or fill vases with fruit for color—a great idea for a wine theme event. Not only will this quick fix bring a fun element to the table, it will get your guests ready for the feast to come.

If you find yourself in need of a quick crafter hack to power up your event décor, turn to your imagination onto the world of DYI crafts and your event rental supply store for fast and festive solutions for your venue.

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