DIY Booze Bouquet

Flowers are lovely, but they’re not very practical—and for how much money we put into having them at nonprofit events? They’ll shrivel up after a couple of days in a vase on your coffee table, but a booze bouquet is a twist that can provide much more.

So this year, try a Booze Bouquet or few instead! Booze bouquets make excellent gift baskets, auction items, and centerpieces—and they’re entirely edible. Considering a Wine Wall? Try a unique twist, where players win a themed booze bouquet instead of a random bottle of wine.

Best of all, these “bouquets” are entirely customizable, depending on your audience. Aim them at certain types of liquor (your bouquet could be all whiskey, or all gin), or decorate it to match your event theme.

Booze Bouquet — Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bucket, basket, or flowerpot to hold the bouquet.
  • 5-10 nips or small liquor bottles, depending on the size of the bucket.
  • Wood sticks to act as stems.
  • A hot glue gun.
  • A decent-sized chunk of Styrofoam for the bottom of the bucket. This will hold the stems in place.
  • Extras you can use to add a little flair to the bouquet, such as chocolate, liquor candy, scratch tickets, snacks, balloons… one Pinterest user even added roses made of bacon!
  • Supplies for decorating the pot, sticks, and bottles—metallic paint pens, nail polish, streamers, pipe cleaners, coasters, and ribbons. This is a great time to make a trip to the Dollar Store!

Booze Bouquet — Here’s how you do it:

  TIP: Cut some stems longer and others shorter, so that all of the treats are visible! Arranging the bottles at different heights will achieve the “flower bouquet” look you’re looking for.

    1. Paint the bucket, basket, or flowerpot you’ve chosen to hold your bouquet. Decorate it by gluing a ribbon around the middle, or add a design to the outside with nail polish or paint. You could also leave a metal bucket or ceramic flowerpot plain to achieve a “rustic” look.
    2. Glue the wood stems to the back of the nips, bottles, and other “extras.” Don’t worry about applying hot glue to plastic liquor bottles—it won’t hurt them! If any of the bottles you’ve chosen for the bouquet are too heavy, use multiple sticks to hold them up.
    3. Place the Styrofoam in the bottom of the bucket, and punch the sticks through it to stabilize them.
    4. Add the rest of your decorations to cover the Styrofoam and gussy up the stems. Think of it like an Easter basket!


Get creative with it, and add some festive, edible joy to this year’s event!


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