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Special events are on the rise

Special Events Are on the Rise in 2022

Special Events Are on the Rise in 2022 More nonprofits are adopting special events in the coming year to build emotional connections with donors, and develop lasting relationships. Whether they’re focused on fundraising or on stewardship, special events can create intimate, memorable experiences that bring donors closer to the cause. Showcasing the work your nonprofit… Read More »

Flexibility and Resilience Carries the Day for Big Brothers Big Sisters Houston

When an unpredictable, sudden change in planning sweeps you up and carries you away, it’s important to stay flexible and ready to act. Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Houston, the largest, one-to-one mentoring agency in the country, found those same qualities served them well last year when they needed to quickly switch from hosting their… Read More »

Dove Lewis Sees Surge in Followers with Online Fundraiser

As an animal hospital in Portland, Oregon, Dove Lewis has handled plenty of their share of emergencies. But they faced a crisis of a different sort this spring when their annual fundraiser was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As uncertainties multiplied, they took decisive action and shifted to a virtual event. Dove Lewis contracted with… Read More »

The Importance of Empathy and Staying in Touch with Your Community

Workplace empathy is a vital factor found in good leadership, especially in the area of nonprofit work. A study conducted by Businessolver found that 96% of employees say that workplace empathy is important to create a productive working environment. It’s also required to prove the responsive image all nonprofits strive to cultivate. When a nonprofit… Read More »

10 Reminders for Working From Home

The way fundraising professionals work has changed in a matter of weeks. While there have been plenty of tips shared recently, let’s do a quick recap on some reminders for us working from home during these unique times. This can be a great work alternative for many, transforming your home office into an efficient, personal… Read More »

Catlin Gabel School Breaks Records Moving to Virtual Event

When faced with a sudden mandated restriction on large gatherings, Catlin Gabel School, Portland Oregon’s nationally recognized progressive independent day school, moved quickly to create a unique online fundraising event, surpassing goals and paving the way for other nonprofits and schools to follow their lead. Planning for Catlin Gabel’s annual fundraiser was in the final… Read More »

The Burk Donor Survey: How Donors Manage Philanthropy in Changing Times

Greater Giving recently sat down with renowned author and researcher Penelope Burk to ask her about changing trends in philanthropy. Burk is President of Chicago-based Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., a firm that specializes in conducting research with donors regarding what they need from the nonprofits they support. Burk definitely knows of what she speaks. She… Read More »

Online Giving Continues To Be Important

Online giving showed modest growth in 2018, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A rather complex picture emerged over the course of the year, according to Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2018. For instance, total giving increased 1.5% over 2017 and online giving grew only 1.2%. But the proportion of online giving… Read More »

Give Staff and Volunteers the Tools to Succeed

This is the third post in a series about holding your first fundraising event on a short timeline. While Greater Giving usually recommends our nonprofits start planning at least nine months ahead of time, that’s not always possible—so we created the The Definitive Guide to Successfully Running Your First Fundraising Auction to help you prioritize your time… Read More »

Honesty is Always the Best Fundraising Policy

Painting a rosy picture when presenting a project is tempting when you are talking to donors. Your days are spent laser-focused on goals you’ve set and you know your donors are rooting for too.  It’s easy however to get caught up in the image of what will be and lose sight of reality. It’s a… Read More »