Nonprofit Stories

What Makes a Strong Non-Profit Board

Have you ever been in a board of directors meeting where everything is just humming along? The work gets done and everyone has a good time doing it. What is it that makes for a high-performance team like this? How can you enhance your board’s functioning? Strong Board Culture One of the elements of a… Read More »

Keeping Your Staff Motivated During the Holidays

Benefits, galas, and end-of-year donations—the holiday season is a busy time for nonprofits. It’s the last chance to meet yearly fundraising goals and establish relationships that will be helpful to future projects. All that pressure to perform could leave your staff feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated as they strive to balance their professional lives with the… Read More »

Individual Giving: 2017 Report Shows Increase Year over Year

Individuals have long contributed the lion’s share of charitable giving over the years. Last year’s record-breaking level of philanthropy was no exception, with individuals contributing 71% of the $410.02 billion of charitable donations. According to Giving USA 2018, Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2017, individual giving was up 5.2% over 2016 (in current… Read More »

A Three-Pronged Approach to Calm Event Management

Staying calm amid chaos is one of the most important job requirements for an event planner. For some, it’s a trait that comes naturally. For others, it’s something they must cultivate through careful monitoring of their own emotions and behavior. A recent survey by Stress Matters found that 71% of event professionals believed their colleagues… Read More »

How to Score Free Swag for Your Next Event

There’s no question that people want, and often expect, to receive swag at an event, especially if they have paid for entry. On the flip side, companies recognize that swag serves a crucial advertising role in increasing brand awareness, piece-by-branded-piece. What is swag exactly? In short, swag is the free loot that participants bring home… Read More »

Trends In Disaster Giving

When disaster strikes, people respond. Money, aid and in-kind donations come pouring in to help the victims. In that sense, 2017 was no different from any other year. What set it apart was the number and magnitude of the disasters—earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and more. As these disasters unfolded in rapid succession, some interesting trends… Read More »

5 Ideas to Motivate Your Event Planning Committee

Behind a great event stands a team of hardworking volunteers, board members, and staff. Event committees work a long game and teams are susceptible to fundraising – and planning – fatigue. Leaders are wise to add a few team motivators to their master calendar. For inspiration, here are 5 ideas to motivate your event planning… Read More »

Giving Exceeds $400 Billion in 2017

Americans’ generosity reached a new high in 2017, setting the all-time record for charitable giving, according to Giving USA 2018, Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy for 2017. For the first time ever, we not only reached the $400 billion mark, we blew past it, donating $410.02 billion to charitable causes of all kinds. This… Read More »

Write Email Hooks that Grab and Don’t Let Go!

This post is the fifth in a series designed to teach the fundamentals of email marketing for nonprofits. These posts are based on the Effective Email Engagement for Nonprofits: The definitive guide to better nonprofit email marketing. Each post focuses on an element of conducting an email marketing campaign, from crafting the email to measuring recipient… Read More »