Dove Lewis Sees Surge in Followers with Online Fundraiser

As an animal hospital in Portland, Oregon, Dove Lewis has handled plenty of their share of emergencies.

But they faced a crisis of a different sort this spring when their annual fundraiser was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As uncertainties multiplied, they took decisive action and shifted to a virtual event.

Dove Lewis contracted with a videographer to create videos for the organization and for their special appeal. Their audio-visual team developed the rest of the program with video messages from the Board, the Development Director, and the CEO, as well as videos highlighting their auction packages.

Dove Lewis’ in-person gala is a unique event with lots of cute animals and interaction. To recreate this atmosphere, they asked their supporters to post pictures of their “event experience” on social media. To accommodate donors who might not be familiar with the technology, they called each one individually… and discovered that 25% of their audience was brand new!

It was a tight turnaround to convert the live event to a virtual one, but with planning and dedication Dove Lewis pulled it off. With a surge in new followers and revenue that was only slightly below their in-person events, they declared the event a success. They are also looking at ways to incorporate elements of the online experience into their fundraisers going forward.

Read all the details in Dove Lewis—Wet Nose Soiree—Goes Online.

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