Best of 2021 – Webinars

2021 was the “hybrid” year.

Nonprofits moved from “pivoting” to “planning” and were a lot more savvy with virtual fundraising. We all continued to learn, grow, and create positivity amidst an ever changing landscape. One thing we do know, many of the changes we’ve experienced with fundraising aren’t going back.

At Greater Giving, we had webinars featuring our incredible partners in the fundraising industry who now had a year+ of experience with transitioning from a live to a virtual or hybrid event. Their insight and examples of inspired nonprofits offered a wealth of information and endless ideas.

Our webinars are an opportunity to bring our partners out into the forefront of the minds of our national audience and bring their expert-level content to the table. In 2021, we hosted webinars throughout the year on a broad range of hot topics. We wanted to bring all our webinars together into one resource for you to review and perhaps watch a webinar you missed the first time around!

Virtual Gala 2.0-Going to the Next Level in 2021 with Stellar Fundraising Auctions

Webinar: The Why of Giving with Raising Paddles

Virtual Fundraising Hosting, Technology, and Streaming, – A Live Panel and Q&A

Redefining the Future of Fundraising Events with Raise Agent

Fundraising Events Post COVID with Swaim Strategies

Navigating the Hybrid Fundraising Event with Tolo Events

Fueling Your Fundraiser with Utopia Entertainment

Fear a Virtual Event? Not with this Run of Show with Auction Brio

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