Best of 2020 – Blog Articles

Seasons of change.

This year reminded us all to expect the unexpected.  Taking a queue from the U.S. Marine handbook, to succeed this year, a non-profit organization had to be ready to improvise, adapt, and overcome any obstacle or whatever situation that arises. As many organizations made the change from traditional in-person fundraising events to virtual events, Greater Giving was there to help. We improved our already successful Greater Giving Online Bidding platform to accommodate live streaming as well as other changes to help you run a live event. We also created new and updated resources to aid those new to virtual events. We created our Virtual Gala Fundraising Events Center to help consolidate event more ideas and best practices for our audience.

Yes, “Virtual” was definitely the word of the year.

This was also reflected in our top blog articles for the year. We went ahead and gathered some of the most popular Greater Giving blog articles for you to enjoy for the for the first time, or revisit.


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