Benefits of Event Planning Technology

Who Benefits From Making the Switch to Event Planning Technology

You’ve done your research; you’ve gotten a few recommendations—now it’s time to make the decision. Should your non-profit invest in event planning technology?

Accuracy and speed play a huge role in a producing a perfectly executed fundraising event. Employing a comprehensive event software to manage all the details offers an extra layer of efficiency— and benefits everyone!

To get a better perspective on how everybody benefits when fundraisers upgrade to event planning technology, take a look through the eyes of your program director, staff, volunteers, vendors, and your guests.

Tip: Greater Giving’s Online Registration through “Go Time”

  • Easy online pre-registration streamlines the check-in and checkout process.
  • Encourage more complete record keeping from guests prior to the event.
  • Send out announcements to attendees.
  • Offer an online storefront for purchasing merchandise.

Speedy and Reliable Registrations

Streamlining the registration process with an easy-to-use online registration form provides a wealth of information your team can access prior to event night. It also makes registration the night much easier for everyone, because you will have the contact and payment information saved. Just greet your guest, pull up their information and hand them their catalog and bid card- easy!

Staff and Volunteers

Prevent a chaotic registration table by directing your guests to pre-register online. Their information seamlessly merges with your guest list and can be accessed before the event to send invites and notices; during the event for updates, announcements, and online bidding; and afterwards when sending out thank you notes and delivering auction items. This makes the process much smoother for your staff and volunteers.


Keeping the guest registration line moving at the event is your first chance to create a memorable experience for your guests. By encouraging them to pre-register online they will not only help you cut the time it takes to get them checked in and out, you’ll also be setting the right mood for a great event.     

Program Directors

Increase your funding with easy to use online storefronts at the time of pre-registration. Guests can purchase merchandise and tickets prior to the event, and sponsors can take their time inputting their guests’ information, as well.

Tip: Greater Giving’s Comprehensive Overview

  • Guests can search, browse, and bid over an iPhone©, Android, tablets or laptops.
  • The “Buy Now” feature allows bidders to purchase packages for a fixed price.
  • “Bid Tracking” can track a package on a “My Bids’” page without placing a bid.
  • The easy-to-use feature has even proven to increase fundraising results!

A Comprehensive View

Using an event planning software tool provides your team with a complete overview of every aspect of your program.

Program Director

Providing oversight over the entire program will help cut down on unexpected roadblocks throughout the planning and executing phases, and reporting after the event is swiftly and easily accomplished.


Keep all your vendor information organized to reference as your plan gets underway. Send notices to specific groups prior to the event, and communicate last minute changes immediately during the program.

Staff and Volunteers

Your team has access to the information that will help them do their job well without having to seek out the information. Did a sponsor bring an extra guest? Your staff can update the caterer from the registration table when they arrive.

Tip: Access Bidding Through Greater Giving’s Online “Go Time”

  • “Go Time” mobile bidding links with smartphones, tablets, laptops and on-site bidding machines.
  • “Buy Now” allows bidders to purchase packages for a fixed price.
  • “Bid Tracking” tracks a package on guests’ “My Bids’” page without having to place a bid.

Producing an Exceptional Live Auction

One of the most exciting events at a fundraising event has got to be the silent auction. Event technology makes it even more special with mobile bidding options.


Guests can bid online from their mobile device or bidding machines while they mingle outside the room and tracking alerts let them know when a package they are interested in is on the auction block.

Event Staff and Volunteers

Assisting the auctioneer and accurately logging information is an essential role your staff and volunteers fill during a live auction. Make it easier with an auctioneer display and up-to-date record keeping through event software technology.

Program Director

Stay in touch with your teams across the venue while you monitor the activity at the live auction. Afterwards reporting is made easy, with automatically updated reports you can review as you begin to think about the next event.

The results are clear. Everyone benefits form a well produced, perfectly executed event when you switch to event planning software!

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