Sirenna Heckendorn

Using Food To Set First & Last Impressions at Your Event

First and last impressions matter, especially when asking donors for their support. At a fundraising event guests expect to see the best from your non-profit as soon as they check-in, and during checkout you have one last opportunity to create a positive image of your organization—something that not only affects the outcome of that fundraiser,… Read More »

Benefits of Event Planning Technology

Who Benefits From Making the Switch to Event Planning Technology You’ve done your research; you’ve gotten a few recommendations—now it’s time to make the decision. Should your non-profit invest in event planning technology? Accuracy and speed play a huge role in a producing a perfectly executed fundraising event. Employing a comprehensive event software to manage all… Read More »

The Importance of Contact Info: Before, During and After Your Fundraising Event

Fundraising events can get hectic. Maintaining full and accurate contact information will help avoid long registration lines, awkward conversations with unregistered guests and general frustration to what should be a fun and rewarding evening. Collecting and maintaining accurate contact information for guests, volunteers, sponsors, and vendors will help streamline your event and provide a better… Read More »