Giving Guests the Recognition They Deserve

Giving Board Display

Recognizing guests at your fundraiser with a clear message of gratitude is part of every non-profit’s overall event strategy.


Clear two-way communication between your volunteers and the auctioneer or emcee is the key to achieving your goal.

But how to do that when you’re in the middle of a busy fundraising event?

Adding an auctioneer display that interfaces seamlessly with your event planning software is a powerful feature, because it gives the opportunity for a personal acknowledgement. It also allows your auctioneer’s personality to shine through when they are provided with the information they need to recognize the guest by name, rather than just a bid number.

Tip: Greater Giving’s Auctioneer Display can help with:

  • Interface with Greater Giving’s “Go Time” software to provide information in real-time
  • Ensure increased accuracy
  • Allow freedom of movement for the auctioneer with the use of a laptop or iPad
  • Keep the momentum of the event running smoothly
  • Allow the auctioneer to better engage with your guests

Picture this; the auctioneer has just closed the bidding on one of the items in your live auction. The winner is excited about his or her purchase and your auctioneer wants to personally thank them. He turns to his printed listing to search for the name and begins shuffling through page after page to find the correlating bid number. Meanwhile, the attention of the crowd wavers and now the auctioneer is faced with stalling to keep up the excitement.

Nobody wants to put their auctioneer in this uncomfortable position and you don’t want your guests’ enthusiasm for your cause to fade away during one of the most thrilling points of the event. Using an auctioneer display offers a vital tool for communicating accurate and clearly visible information to the auctioneer in real-time, so they can acknowledge every guest with the respect he or she deserves.

Not only is an auctioneer display a great aid for live auctions, it also can be used as a communication tool during high-end fund-a-need levels, raffle drawings, and during fast-paced games to announce winners, such as Heads or Tails.

Give your guests the recognition they deserve and the convenience your team depends on by adding an auctioneer display that is easy to use to your next event. Event better, Greater Giving Event Software has this feature built in!

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