Why It Pays Off to Hire A Professional Benefit Auctioneer

Hire A Professional Benefit Auctioneer

A professional benefit auctioneer is an invaluable resource for every part of your charity event.

One of the greatest misconceptions about professional benefit auctioneers is that all of them suited for the nonprofit fundraising environment. Anyone—whether they have experience or not—can drum up bids.

But professional benefit auctioneers with nonprofit fundraiser experience offer more than that. They bring an extensive background in what works and what doesn’t work at a benefit auction.  Hiring one can streamline your auction, boost your live appeal, and maximize engagement to raise more money.

The Charity Event Experience

The nonprofit fundraiser has a specific type of atmosphere. The energy, the auction, the live appeal, and the ballroom dinner all create an event experience that drives giving.

Your auctioneer is a huge part of that event experience, and can help set the tone for the entire night. A professional benefit auctioneer knows how to engage donors’ generosity on the stage. They understand the emotional connection between guests and the cause they’re there to support.

When should you engage the audience in auction games? How do you ramp up the energy leading into your live auction and special appeal? Thanks to years of experience, benefit auctioneers can help you structure your event program for the best flow.

For more great auction game ideas, check out our Lookbook, made possible thanks to the experience and knowledge of dozens of professional benefit auctioneers.
Auction Games Lookbook

Add Auction Games and Audience Activities

Many benefit auctioneers come equipped with a repertoire of auction games and other fun activities to engage the audience and boost your revenue throughout the night. These games typically offer opportunities for donors to give during the event, and keep the spirit of generosity high through the night.

Ask your auctioneer about the auction games or activities they recommend, and what you need to make it possible.

Make Your Silent Auction Shine

Professional benefit auctioneers offer practical advice on how to set up your silent auction for success.

Get your auctioneer involved in your event early, and ask for input as you plan your silent auction. They may be able to offer advice on categorizing packages, auction order, bid sheets, or online bidding platform set up.

A professional benefit auctioneer can help you plan appropriate ways to encourage giving throughout your event.

Benefit auctioneers have worked hundreds, sometimes thousands of nonprofit events, and you’ll be surprised by how much they can help optimize your live auction. What’s the ideal time of night to hold a live auction? In which order should you present each live auction item? What starting prices will yield the highest bids?

Set a meeting early with your auctioneer to discuss what items you have procured, and they can offer strategic guidance on what belongs in the live auction, or what might be better suited to the silent auction.

The order that live auction items are presented matters more than you might think! Benefit auctioneers understand the flow of a live auction and how best to build up audience enthusiasm and energy. They also understand the average guest’s attention span, and can help you avoid putting so many items in your live auction that your audience tunes out.

Benefit Auctioneers who work with nonprofits have specific skills to generate successful Special Appeals and Fund-A-Needs

Professional benefit auctioneers understand the special appeal part of the evening inside and out. A great auctioneer can read the energy in the room, and bring even the most reluctant donors into the spirit of giving. They know how to turn a $100 donation into a $200 donation, and get everyone in the room involved in the cause.

Experience the difference

When you’re vetting auctioneers for a nonprofit fundraiser, consider the experience of your organization as well as the auctioneer. Ask about their nonprofit experience, and ask to hear what they have to say. After all, if a professional benefit auctioneer is right for your organization and event, it could mean the difference between meeting your fundraising goal—or falling short.

Contact and schedule your benefit auctioneer as soon as possible for planning a program full of greater generosity and giving. If you need help finding a benefit auctioneer for your next event visit our partner page for recommendations in your area. 

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