Unleash Generosity With An Amazing GivingTuesday Plan

Unleash Generosity this GivingTuesday

For a truly successful #GivingTuesday, give yourself time to develop a plan, build up support and publicize.

Generosity is one of the most important values in life. If you are generous, you have a heart that seeks to help people and make them happy. One great way to unleash the power of generosity is by joining the GivingTuesday movement! Embrace creativity, take time to plan your approach, and carefully schedule publicity leading up to GivingTuesday on November 29,  2022.

Get familiar with the big day.

The first GivingTuesday took place in 2012, and since then it’s grown into a global movement. GivingTuesday encourages people to give back and celebrate the holiday season by making donations to their favorite charities, and nonprofits. The holiday season is typically an exciting time of year for giving thanks for all that you have but also recognizing those who are less fortunate than you. It’s important that we recognize the things we have while also giving back to our communities on this special day!

Decide on a fundraising goal.

Your fundraising goal should be reasonable and reachable, while still presenting enough of a challenge that donors will rise to the occasion to help meet it.

Your goal should translate directly to a tangible outcome. What will you accomplish with your GivingTuesday funds? Think of actionable steps and physical outcomes, such as reaching a benchmark on new construction or funding a specific program.

Craft a compelling message.

Don’t wait until the week before GivingTuesday to start spreading the word about your campaign! Bring potential donors into the fold early, then send out reminders and email blasts later.

Look for ways to bring in new supporters in advance of GivingTuesday. Solicit donors who are interested in your cause—but might not be ready to give right now—and you can spend the next few months showing them what makes your nonprofit the best choice for their Giving Tuesday gift.

Your message should be clear and concise, with a strong call to action. It should not be an obtuse sales pitch or a long-winded treatise on the benefits of giving.

Create a holiday-ready donation page.

Before you do anything else, create a donation website where GivingTuesday donors can find you and give on the big day. Your GivingTuesday campaign will be a success if you can make it easy for people to find, read and act on your donation page.

Tell potential donors why your cause is the right choice on GivingTuesday. On your donation page, explain why you’re fundraising.

Use media. Place photos and videos on your GivingTuesday page to illustrate your goal and why it matters. Show off the work you do on a daily basis and how it changes the community.

TIP: Greater Giving offers specialized GivingTuesday templates so you can easily create your online donation page! Simply add your logo and customize your donation amounts, and your campaign is ready to launch.

Specify suggested giving amounts. While donors can choose a custom amount to give, offering pre-filled options can encourage donors to give more. A $10 donation could become $20 or $50 if the donor is given the opportunity!

Where does my money go? Use your suggested donation amounts to show donors how their money is spent—and why your nonprofit will use it best in pursuing the mission. “Giving $100 now will house one family” demonstrates the power of their donation and the tangible good it will do.

Using QR Codes for Nonprofit Fundraising
QR codes are a popular and useful way for someone interacting with your material in-person to access your online giving page. You can include QR codes on snail mailers, posters, fliers, and ads to direct a potential donor to your donation website.


When choosing a service to create and host your QR code, make sure the code won’t expire before GivingTuesday. Print your QR codes in high quality so they work properly!

Think beyond Online Donations with Text-to-Donate

Text-to-Give is one of the simplest ways for donors to participate in your GivingTuesday campaign, and it’s easy to promote!

With Greater Giving’s Text-to-Give, donors simply text your unique 5-digit number and instantly receive a link to your GivingTuesday page (optimized for mobile devices!). This way, you don’t have to wait for phone carriers to deliver your funds, and you can receive your payouts right away.

Use your unique Text-to-Give number in television advertisements, radio, snail mailers, text campaigns and social media posts to make it easy to remember, and easy to give.

Use social media to grow your donor base

How are you reaching your potential donors? Social media is one of the most effective tools in your toolbox when utilized correctly. If you don’t already have a presence, start building one! Make sure your nonprofit has an account on major social platforms, with a logo, information about your nonprofit, and a sneak-peek into your goal.

On Giving Tuesday, the #GivingTuesday hashtag is widely used by donors and nonprofits. Hashtags are simply a way to search posts more effectively. Any post using the hashtag will come up in a search. Hashtags aren’t the only way to approach social media for promotion.

Encourage people who are connected to you through social media networks to share their stories about the impact that you have made in the world by giving back together as one big community! This will help spread awareness about your organization’s efforts and encourage more people to give during GivingTuesday next year.

Events and Promotions

There’s more than one way for supporters of your nonprofit to get involved on GivingTuesday. Use events to build up to Giving Tuesday and build excitement, or combine an event with your day-of promotion.

  • Hold a volunteer event. Get the community involved in your nonprofit with a need-focused volunteer event or volunteer day.
  • Run a drive. For nonprofits that address needs in their local community—such as hunger or homelessness—consider running a food drive, coat drive, or toy drive alongside your GivingTuesday campaign.
  • Form partnerships with local businesses. GivingTuesday is a great opportunity to engage local businesses and get them involved in your organization’s work. Offer a discount or special offer to donors that day, and ask them to donate the proceeds of their sales back to the nonprofit organization. This will help spread awareness about your cause, as well as drive more donations from those who want to support it financially.

GivingTuesday is a day for giving back, and your campaign should reflect that.

The best way to do this is by focusing on what you’re doing and how it will benefit others. As we mentioned above, it’s important not just to share information about your charity organization but also tell people why they should care. Make sure not to get too caught up in technical details like which platform or app would work best—remember that the goal of GivingTuesday is getting more people involved in helping their communities!

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