Nonprofit Story

Michelle Renner

Michelle Renner on Nonprofit Technology

Michelle Renner is the Director of Advancement Services at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, MO. She shared with us that one of her biggest fundraising challenges is having enough time in the day to get everything done. Staying on top of nonprofit technology also takes quite a bit of effort. Greater Giving has provided… Read More »

Dan Friess Incight

Incight’s Dan Friess on Business Savvy Nonprofits

 Dan Friess is the Executive Director of Incight, a small nonprofit that helps students with disabilities get into college and job seekers get employed. One of the biggest challenges the organization faces is how to help key stakeholders become actively engaged in the work. One important factor in Friess’s success is having a staff… Read More »

Getting Your Board On-Board with Mobile Bidding + Featured ACS Video

  Getting Your Board On-Board with Mobile Bidding This was the first year that the American Cancer Society of Portland, Oregon used Greater Giving’s new Mobile Bidding solution for their annual Hope Ball. The Ball was a huge success, and everyone was excited about the new bidding technology—but nobody was anticipating it quite as much… Read More »

Nonprofit Story: Seattle Aquarium

Nonprofit Auction: Seattle Aquarium Splash! Gala and Auction

Nonprofit Auction: Seattle Aquarium Splash! Gala & Auction The Seattle Aquarium‘s 2014 Splash! Gala and Auction was one of their most successful events to date. They raised funds to continue inspiring conservation of our marine environment, which is reflected in everything they do— exhibits events conservation and education programs research activities and more. The Aquarium used our Auctionpay Mobile Card… Read More »

German American School of Portland Spring Fundraiser

Nonprofit Auction: German American School of Portland

Nonprofit Auction: German American School of Portland The German American School of Portland 2014 nonprofit auction was a trendy success and the school threw an evening full of Portlandia fun. They raised funds to provide an excellent education for children preschool through 5th grade; including a curriculum where students develop and maintain fluency in both German and English languages. For the first time ever, the… Read More »

Nonprofit Auction: Dress for Success Oregon 2014

Nonprofit Auction: Dress for Success Oregon

Nonprofit Auction: Dress for Success Oregon 2014 The Dress for Success nonprofit auction was a glamorous success and the organization threw an evening full of beautified fun. They raised funds to provide  the support needed to help women in poverty move towards self-sufficiency. Before the event started, they invited guests to schedule appointments for Bobbi Brown make-up stations. A flood… Read More »

Nonprofit Story: Bailey House

Nonprofit Auction: Bailey House New York

Nonprofit Auction: Bailey House Gala & Auction 2014  The Bailey House nonprofit auction was a huge success and the organization threw a fabulously epic evening. They raised funds to provide housing and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and to advocate on their behalf. Their best practice was the venue connectivity; they negotiated early and ensured seamless connectivity throughout… Read More »